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  1. Hey guy's i'd like to inform you of the thing i just got done with, i was performing a Sean Field's effect sick, if you don't know who he is he create's alot of shock type halloween magic, just like the DVD stated i picked what i presumed to be a "good" audience, the people i picked had alot of tattoo's between them and piercing's so i thought they would like it, about halfway through the effect when i started "cutting" the coin out of my arm one of the guy's started to freak out and almost passed out, in the end i had to immediatly stop the effect and didn't know what to do afterward's turn's out the guy is scared of blood....didn't see that coming.
  2. That's great stuff man. Ha ha.
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    I hope you learned the larger lesson here in that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Big + Tattoos + Metal hanging out of their skin doesn't always = hard core 1 percenters. On the other hand, great effect and it sounds like you got great reactions. Props on that.
  4. I got a good reaction but not what i had originaly planed...haha.
  5. This is a risk you'll always take when performing 'shock' magic.

    Also, I can tell you that a lot of people with tattoos hate things like hypodermic needles. A tattoo needle is nothing like getting a shot, and even getting a piercing is a different experience. I've known several people who could get pierced no problem but would faint when trying to give blood.
  6. When Pulp Fiction premièred, a man at one of the screenings fainted during the scene where John Travolta stabbed Uma Therman in the heart with an adrenaline shot. When asked what he thought about this, director Quentin Tarantino smiled and said "This movie works!"

    Dont beat yourself up over this, it would seem you took the steps to pick the right audience, it just didn't go your way.
  7. I wasen't really too beat up about it, the biggest thing was i never really saw that coming..haha, but off topic i have never cared for Uma Therman.

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