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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Michael Kras, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. The brand new Westmount Magic video.. live magic for real people in real situations. Enjoy, and please feel free to comment!

    I also look forward to your thoughts, comments, and feedback. Thank you!


    Michael Kras
  2. good to see performances to real people.

    The sound wasn't very good, but thats understandable seeing as you looked to be in a pretty loud place.

    And lol to the guy at 4:30 who decided its a good time to swear
  3. you flashed twice in the first 30 seconds
  4. Good stuff man :) It's always cool to see live performances.

    One thing though: SLOW DOWN.

    I think it's Justin Miller who says on one of the Loops DVD's to "let the magic sink in."

    You had a really nice rope routine going on there, but you were moving so fast I couldn't quite get the point of what you were doing. I mean sure, I could see that the ropes were changing sizes, joining, splitting etc. But I'll be damned if I could follow along with what you were saying.

    I don't know if it was part of your routine but at one point you actually went back and did a phase again because they missed it?

    Slow down completely, not stupid amounts, but quite a lot. If you feel you're going too slow, you're probably going at just the right pace. :)

    Keep it comin' though man, it's a nice thing watching someone perform for people.

    - Sean
  5. oh yeah...
    i forgot to leave a positive comment!
    nice stuff
    i like the video
    slow down is a good advice
    and watch really closely for flashes during production
  6. Thank you for your comments! Just for the record, where did I flash? Perhaps I am blind but I cannot see it.
  7. i looked over it again and the first flash i guess was not a flash
    you just overly projected what you were doing

    also in your cardini change during the weird version of tivo 2.0
    you can clearly see the card you stole
    protruding from the bottom of the deck
    for a few frames

    forget what we say
    that was a good video
    its just that if you ask a fellow magician they will always have improvements to share
  8. Nice video, like others said, just slow it down a bit.
    And AoS, you shouldn't tell him to forget what we said, thats valuable advice that
    he needs to be following, not forgetting.
    Keep it up.

    Calvin Lauber
  9. Thank you for your comments, and thank you Aos for pointing that out!

    I will definitely slow down with the performances. I will have another video tomorrow and I hope you will see an improvement.
  10. Also, please clarify... what about my version of Tivo 2 was so weird?
  11. the first 4 times i watched it
    i thought you are turning over the entire deck
    by grabbing it from the top and rotating
    but just now watching it again i realized you are doing the proper move
    but during the turnover the cards cover the deck completely
    i think that is what looked odd to me
    the pull out should be forward and then up
    and the deck should be exposed as must possible
  12. Thank you for the tip! Actually, I perform the strip-out differently.. I don't do the centre DL, I do sort of a reverse Topper Move to end clean.

    Any more comments?

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