We've been dreaming. The Mystery Box.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Feb 8, 2014.

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  2. Always looking forward to the ideas you all dream up. Looking forward to it.
  3. Hmmm....interesting. Something at a Distillery or Wine Barrel?
  4. The only winery we work with is JAQK Cellars, and this isn't that... ;)
  5. Ok I don't buy into the hype games but you've got my interest.
  6. Awesome! And yes, if you're set to follow any project in our history - this is it. The next image will be posted tonight on Instagram first at 11:00pm EST.
  7. Symphony v2? Garcia and Eddie?
  8. I just want to see if this is something other than a new deck of cards. If it is a new deck... well the liquor stores will be happy to see me again. I think everyone knows by now my opinions on cards, so I think it's safe to leave it at that.

    If you guys will pardon me the mini-rant I'm actually getting a bit burned out on JJ Abrams style marketing. The internet is getting very good at crowd-sourcing solutions to mysteries and playing coy only goes so far. I've recently become enamored with ARGs (alternate reality games) and have been puzzling over how to make them work on a smaller scale as opposed to more conventional marketing tools and wisdom, so maybe that's contributing to my current bias? I don't know.

    Not trying to bring everyone down. Just some stuff I wanted off my chest.
  9. * Breathing Heavily*
  10. Well you need to be more thoughtful if you are "not trying to bring everyone down". There's a time and a place to "rant". Here and now is just disrespectful to your hosts. There are other forums where you can avoid marketing.
    Personally I think comments like this ruined some of the most fun Cerca Trova style hunts. We need to be respectful to those who put so much effort into making and maintaining a great community. Do share your thoughts, just in another post at another time.
  11. I did really like the time they did that big release for .. was it Smoke? And like 4 other things. Finding the pictures and solving the puzzles was fun.

    Personally, my interest has been piqued but I'm not entirely hooked just yet. I think I need something other than mysterious pictures.
  12. I hope its another massively over priced deck of cards!!!!

  13. Just to clarify, our decks are actually THE most economical of any premium cards on the market, which is even more meaningful once considered that we use more expensive materials, printing processes, foil, and embossing than anyone else. We obsess over those details, and we spend a huge amount of time getting it just right. Where other decks sell for up to $11.95 per deck, Monarchs and even Artisans are $6.95. That, combined with the consideration that a cup of black coffee at Starbucks costs $5, I personally believe makes them one heck of a deal!
  14. Much more than mysterious pictures, coming very soon... ;)
  15. Looking forward to it. Will have to check back when I'm done hypnotizing people.
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  17. I definitely remember that time. I won the scavenger hunt and got the first deck of Sentinels made before I started to work with theory11. When I was a member it was the best time of my life. I remember hearing my doorbell ring at precisely 11:00pm to see a package at my doorstep with the Sentinels inside a hollowed out book. Talk about freaky. But that time will hold a special place in my heart forever and I couldn't be more thankful for it.

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