What’s in your pockets?

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  1. I’m more curious what everyone carries with them day to day?

    For instance I have been really trying to get better at coin magic. so now the only magic I carry around is 4 Morgan’s, a dollar sized Chinese coin, and tiny hand.

    Jus curious what y’all are working on and or just what your pocket management is haha.

    Thanks, Marc.
  2. What I carry sounds like a lot but it really isn't that bad lol
    • A Deck of Cards
    • Real Man's Wallet
    • Loops
    • 2 Half Dollars
    • A Mismade bill
    • Magic Insurance
    • Rubber Bands
    • My Phone
    The only really "extra" thing I carry is my deck because most of the other stuff fits in my wallet and it's not hugely inconvenient to have rubber bands on my wrist.
    Occasionally I'll carry a couple D-Lites or Spongeballs if I know I'll be interacting with kids.
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  3. What I carry is-

    ●2 decks of playing card

    ●Rubber band

    ●A folded card in a small case for performing mentalism

    ●A pen (I don't get a sharpie in my place )

    ●Few coins

    ●My headphones (for effects like iloopy pull )

    ●Few small chits of paper for mentalism

    ●Paper clips(for switching, linking and even for some other cool effects )

    I am basically a card magician .I love to go to the streets with cards but I carry the rest too:)
  4. I have been really interested in giving rubber and Magic a shot. Any good starting suggestions?
  5. My every day carry is a bit much I think.
    • one deck of cards sometimes two
    • a sharpie
    • two types of rubber bands (six bands total)
    • a ring
    • four .50 cent pieces
    • occasionally 4 peace dollars but almost never use them impromptu.

    My everyday carry pocket management isn't too in depth. I keep my sharpie in my right pocket, and keep that pocket and my back left open for ditching. Wouldn't want my coins talking. With the fall coming up soon I will usually have a jacket making carrying stuff easier and gives me the opportunity to wear a pull.
  6. For strolling I usually carry the following:

    -deck of cards
    -ninja+ fusion
    -bottle opener
    -bottle of coke/beer + holdout

    Usually do the bottle production for special ovcasions, but lately I have been doing it more and more with my ring act.
  7. If i'm not booked for a show, and I'm just out and about, I basically just have my cards, a sharpie and some loops in my wallet.
    If I go out with the actual intent to perform i'll add more, rubber bands, headphones, balloons.
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  8. Oh man. I'm not entirely sure tbh. I've picked up most of it individually from other magicians teaching me so I don't have too many sources but here are a few that Ik the name of:
    • Jacob's Ladder by Danny Garcia (I think)
    • Missing Link by Chris Kenner
    • Stairway by Marcus Eddie
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  9. For EDC I don't carry anything specific to magic. If I'm going to do a casual performance, it will be propless.

    If I'm hired to do strolling I'll generally carry a small notebook which I use for a couple different reveals, a voodoo doll, and maybe Dream Lock or Free Will. I will also have my phone but I don't really use that for much because I tend to want to avoid technology in my presentations.
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  10. Awesome! I have been meaning to get back into rings. I started using them when I was a kid and have not picked them up since. Any good sources for a beginner?
  11. Shoot Ogawas “Ninja Rings” is where I got started. You can also check out “Worlds greatest Magic; Chinese Linking Rings” as a resource for both stage and closeup ring magic. “Messado Rings” is fun as well!

    I am sure you heard that both myself and Matthew Garrett have been promoting a series called Ninja+ as well. This combines a finger ring with Ninja Rings.

    Hope these resources are helpful. :)
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  13. Cards, my coins ( inside a quiver for some switches ), and my phone.
  14. Magic related I carry loops in my wallet but they are just always there. Its summer so I don't carry anything else, now that it is cooling down and I can wear a jacket I will probably carry a deck of cards. I just don't like a lot of stuff in my pant pockets. It is uncomfortable for me
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  15. I agree! That’s why I’m about coins and loops right now.

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