What’s your favorite trick or routine?

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  1. What is your favorite trick or routine? Any recommendations for tricks or routines. I’m looking for new stuff.

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  2. My “favorite” routine is quite an old one, an I’m sure you’re already aware of it. It’s the classic handling of triumph with the shuffle that was taught in “stars of magic”.
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  3. I like triumph
    Is it like the zarrow false shuffle, that’s the one I usually use.
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  4. No, I always try to avoid doing a Zarrow, as it can never be perfected. It’s kind of like a push through but much more simple and really clean.
    There are a lot of good stuff in that book, but this shuffle is worth the price of that complete book
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  5. yeah I looked it up, seems more subtle.
    How long have you done magic?

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