What are good tricks to perform in a room with 15 people?

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  1. Ok, well in the near future I have my ToK orals and I've decided to talk about something in magic BUT I'm going to do several tricks to get the audience's attention. I was thinking of doing a simple "sandwich between jokers" effect, then doing a 4-5 step ACR BUT I want to know what you guys think is a good crowd pleaser.

    Post your thought/name effects please

  2. I would say the invisible palm would really get the crowd 's attention.
  3. i was thinking you could do indecent....your angles wouldn't be too bad with 15 people i think, i cant really remember
  4. You could do anything close up with that audience. Do some nice multi-phase routine instead of one-effect quickies. Ambitious card or multi-selection routine for example.
  5. with some good crowd handling, 2 card monte maybe
    ...but to be honest, I think what you got so far will get more than enough attention:)
  6. Bill switch using a tt is good for 15 if you want something other than cards.
    Learn a good rope bit. Rope magic seems to have fallen almost completely out of favor with people under 40, but there is some amazing stuff out there and it plays BIG.
  7. There's a PDF over at www.trickshop.com called "Higher Mentality" by JB Bobo. It's an awesome mental magic piece and it's totally impromptu. It has barely any sleights and you're clean all the way through. I highly recommend it. It plays for 5 people.
  8. Awesome thanks. I was thinking of French Kiss, but there might be a time where after exams, one of my awesome teachers is organizing a BBQ at his place, so doing French Kiss and tricks like that would be better.

    Also where could I learn the Invisible Palm? I've seen Houchin do it in Control and thought it was pretty cool
  9. Paul Harris - The Art of Astonishment - Volume 3

    Page 227 for Paul Harris' version (with aces)
    Page 235 for the version that Wayne performs in Control (this version uses any cards, not just aces)

    Have fun!
  10. It would be a lot easier if you did somthing other than cards. Rope magic for example. If you really want to do card stuff do something where you can hold the cards up. It does depend how the audience is arranged though. if they are in more than one row you will find it difficult for the people in the seconc rows and beyond to see the cards.
  11. Yeah, that's true but I don't have enough time to order any material that offers rope magic and such since everything I order takes about 1-2 months to get here >_< and my ToK Oral is on the 10th of May.
  12. Try Gazzo's Tossed out deck
  13. Fusilade (multiple selection) by Paul Cummings

    Mneumonica routine !!

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