What are some "must-have" accessories and gimmicks?

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  1. Must-have in this topic meaning something really good, practical, and worth it.

    I don't own many accessories or gimmicks, but in my opinion, an invisible deck is a must, it's main effect is really powerful and you can use them for other things as well.

    I'm inquiring about getting invisible threads and a magnetic(PK?) ring.
  2. Invisible thread is a must have! If your creative, there will be infinite amount of possibilities. Find your favorite type to work with and get good with it.:D
  3. loops are good, i use them some times.
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    A card wallet is definitely a must have.
  5. magician's wax, spongeballs, flashpaper, slush powder, and fanning powder.
  6. a deck of cards....................thats all u need ;)
  7. Whoever said Flash Paper is right on the money.

  8. I could probably write an essay on this, but I'll stick to a short version here.

    1. Fire Wallet and or Assassin Wallet
    2. PK Ring.
    3. Magicians Wax
    4. Loops and or Invis. Thread.
    5. Deck of standard Blue or Red rider back Bikes.
    6. Coin Effect (I prefer Hopping Halvs, but any will do)
    7. Flash Paper/cotton/string/bills
    8. Business Cards preped with "Out To Lunch" gimmick
    9. Small pocket sized notepad of paper.
    10. Sharpie
    11. Himber Eye Glass Case or Wallet.
    12. Knowledge of how to work Psychokenetic Silverware & Time
    13. Sponges
    14. 4 Silver Walking Liberties
    15. 4 Silver Morgan Dollars
    16. Shells for your Liberties and Morgans
    17. Coin Purse.
    18. Invisable Deck
    19. Cell Phone w. Camera
    20. Swami Gimick.
  9. Deck of cards and some double sided tape. Do wonders.
  10. Wow and if you fell in a lake with alla that on you, you could drown ha ha.

    Also, reading this short (sighted) list I'll notice that not ONE of you has mentioned a thumb tip.. for shame.

    Get some double backed cards and heck even some double facers, if nothing more than to create and play with. You want an accessory that NO one is using, card indexes.

    You don't NEED a bunch of gimmicks to do magic. Learn impromptu stuff so you could do a show out of someone's purse or pockets. Get a pen thru bill (Personally I have always used a sharpie marker version).

    I carry a deck of cards with one double backed card in it. A TT, and sharpie (regular). I have a close up bag for anything else when I do shows.

    Also, for those who think you need a special wallet to do card to wallet, you don't. There are many ways to use your OWN wallet to do that effect.
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  11. Infact, Advocate.
  12. That's true, you don't need to buy a card wallet to do card to wallet...but I advise it, because it's the best method. There are many other methods that can be done but aren't as good as doing card to wallet with an actual card wallet. The spectator being able to remove their actual signed card from the wallet is the most convincing way to do this effect.
  13. Cards
    Thumb Tip
    IVT or Loops
    Invisible Deck
    A Personality
  14. Not if you want to make a living doing this.
  15. or perform other things besides just eye candy.

    Which is what most ive seen do with cards.
  16. The only real gimmick I've been using for a while is the Invisible Deck. All of the others I don't carry on me regularly. Depends on which routine I'm using. But the ID is in pretty much every routine I have.

  17. what i carry on a day to day basis are a set of coins including some halves, some english pennies and some morgan's. a deck of cards or three haha, a sharpie and some flash paper with my lighter. ive also started carrying some balloons in my wallet. When im doing a more formal performance i carry a ID sometimes the superman coin bender, a Schoolcraft set, TT, one or two silks (which i notice no one else has mentioned) sometimes if i knows it will work well the splash bottle gimmick. double sided tape, business cards, A PEN!!! and a decent wardrobe.
  18. The best thing to carry around with you is a head on your shoulders. Its a shame that most magicians don't have that anymore.

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  20. Invisible Thread
    Michael Ammar Wax
    Invisible Deck
    Swami Gimmick

    That's all I can think of now.

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