What are some of your favorite practical "impossible souvenier" tricks?

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  1. I love tricks that leave the spectator with something impossible to keep. I've recently been doing some metal bending and I think it's super cool being able to let an audience member keep something from the trick. I'm looking for objects that are truly impossible so not just like a signed card that was torn and restored. I mean like double facers, mutilated forks, bent pennies, etc.

    Other one's I can perform/am already aware of are:
    - Anniversary Waltz
    - Twilight Angels
    - Fraud
    - Counterfeit Spectator

    I'm sure there are plenty of others that I know of but what are some of your favorites? Thanks guys!
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  2. Angle z is my favorite
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  3. Double Cross...
    They keep their hand lol
  4. I love Angle Z! But it's not exactly what I'm looking for. I'm thinking more objects that would be interesting even without knowing the performance of a trick. To an outsider, a torn card isn't that significant. But a double faced card is something most people haven't seen before and thus is inherently more interesting and impossible, even without the context of the magic trick.
  5. Haha true.
    That reminds me, have you ever had someone exclaim "Is it a sticker?" before they get the chance to examine it? I've heard that like twice now lmao. It's not an issue or anything. If anything, it makes it more impressive when they realize it's actually "drawn" on their hand in sharpie.
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  6. Stargazer by Alan Wong is one of my favorites after I have done crazy man handcuffs and a few other rubber band effects.
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  7. Not sure if it counts as a "souvenir" per say, but Michael Ammar's Card to Ceiling is awesome and leaves a a freaking card on the ceiling for as long as the owner of the ceiling wants to keep it there.
  8. Factory Sealed (coin through water bottle), the version where you leave a quarter inside of the bottle, even though the quarter literally cannot fit into it. This is one of the smartest ideas/methods I've ever heard. I've done it dozens of times, and it leaves people with an impossible object that they almost certainly will not be able to reverse engineer or undo. The best way to perform this, in my experience, it to act surprised that the quarter doesn't fit through the hole, and then slowly reveal that you guess its stuck in there unless they cut open the water bottle.
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  9. Conjunction Joshua Quinn is amazing
  10. I've been trying to find that pamphlet forever. It's been sold out everywhere for years
  11. Inside job by jay Sankey

    It’s a lid into water bottle trick
  12. Not the same but ocl by Ben Williams is a linked card souvenir
  13. Muscle Bend from True Astonishments

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