What are the best places to perform?

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Do you perform for strangers in public?

  1. Yes a lot

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  2. No I'm too nervous

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  3. Have done it a few times

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  1. I am a beginner and I want to start performing in public places for strangers. I have done it a few times but my presentation was not that good because of the nerves.. I also perform for friends in my breaks at school (I'm 16). When I do a trick to a friend of friend my hands may be shaking a little, but if I don't pay attention to that in my head it's not gonna get worse. Anyway, if I want to perform for strangers where should I do that? Which places do you guys recommend?
  2. I do street magic. So i do magic to a lot of strangers. This problem with the nervous reaction happens i think when you are not ready to perform a magic effect. If you didn't work a lot with this effect yes you will be nervous with the public. Do this. Work with an effect. Work all the week. Dont go outside in those days. Work at home..Do your magic effect in a mirror. When you will do this effect in the mirror and you trick your eyes, yes this effect is ready for performing. Do it first to your family members or to your friends at school. If the reactions are these that you want from this magic effect yes you are ready to perform it in the public outside. When you perform outside dont think that you do magic on a stranger. No!! Think that you do magic in front of a mirror...Think the effect not where you are and the people that look at you!! Best place for me to perform? Because you are young i dont want to tell you to go to the streets. Find a cafe. A place that you and your friends go. Talk to the owner that you do magic tricks and ask him if you can perform some of them to the customers. I hope that i helped you...:)
  3. thanks for the reply! will try these tips
  4. Actual magic scenarios are misrepresented on You Tube and television. Magicians don't just randomly walk up to strangers and do magic. If you are talking about busking then you need to put together a show. When I'm not being paid I perform for family and friends. When I am getting paid I perform for Boy Scout events, corporate events, banquets, private parties and restaurants.

    A good place to start performing is old folks homes. They are always looking for entertainment, they probably won't pay you but you will be able to put together a show and try it out. You can also try farmers markets, fairs, talent shows or open mic nights. You may have to pay to perform but you will learn a lot.
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  5. Thanks! And if we're just talking about street magic and you only do like one or two tricks to people? Where should I go to perform then? Places like the mall or outside the library?
  6. The best places to do magic randomly for people on the street are high traffic tourist areas. Places that have an outlet mall or some kind of attraction. For example, I test new material at the beach or at the local farmers market. Always a ton of people walking through there.
  7. I think if you are talking about David Blaine style magic, he goes up to a random group of people to show them a trick, then the best places to go are skate parks, college campuses, fairs, or touristy places.

    The type of magic that David Blaine performs is performed most often by people for their friends and family. It's performed often by bar magicians. It's performed often by strolling magicians at cocktail parties.

    When I have a new trick I'm trying to break in I take advantage of any performance I can. I go to the magic clubs and perform for them. I teach a Sunday school class at church and if the trick fits in the lesson or we have extra time I perform for them. I'm a scout leader, so I perform for my scouts. I practice for my mom, wife, kids, in laws, nieces, and nephews. Almost every party I'm invited to they ask if they can see something. I perform at work and at school. I just keep performing and that's how I break in new material.

    I then use that material in walk-around gigs and other close-up scenarios. David Blaine performs this type of magic as part of his magic specials or for paid gigs. He doesn't just wander the street. If you are shooting video that's one thing, if you are busking that's another. I wouldn't recommend just approaching random people in public. When I go out in public I don't really want to talk to other people I don't know. I don't want to be approached by someone I don't know so I really don't advocate for this type of magic. I'm pretty sure that it's just a You Tube thing.
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  8. About nerves...as a new performer you WILL have these nerves, you can`t get around it withouth experience, and the only way to gain experience is trough performing.

    the only way to reduce the time it takes for them to dissapear is by beliving in your own skill, try to figure out exactly WHAT makes you nervous like:

    are you afraid of messing up? (don`t be, everyone fails at some point, when you DO fail learn a lesson from it and you will turn that failure into a learning experience which in turm makes you better) if they catch you out, ask them what they saw and you can work on that part

    are you afraid your effects aren`t going to impress/surprise/etc etc? Don`t be, the only way to truly understand how good your effects are is by performing and seeing your audience.

    and final tip (actually 2 tips):
    don`t keep your arms tucked in close to your own body,keep your arms forward and out, not reaching...but as if you are giving them something.
    This unconciously signals openness both to yourself AND your audience

    Watch your audience, not your own hands, this will give you invaluable information like when they are looking at something else allowing you to do your moves, it also signals you belive in your own skill...and once you have a few good tricks, it is VERY satisfying seeing the looks on their faces when you do something their minds just can`t process.
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  9. Absolutely true and thank you!
  10. If you don't recommend approaching people in public to perform, how do you recommend people get their names out there?
  11. This is a pretty old thread. The simplest answer to your question is in the rest of his post. Magic clubs, scout meetings, church, family, friends, parties, etc. Someone else mentioned open mics, which can be a good place to get flight time.

    Personally I think busking is one of the best things a new magician can do - it really helps keep the ego in check.
  12. Thanks! Sorry I'm new to forums to be honest and am not really sure of the social protocols yet.

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