What are the flourish names that The Virts perform in their videos?

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  1. I only know a few of the flourishes that they perform. The Anaconda, waterwheel, flicker. that's all the flourishes i know by them.
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  2. I’ll have a look and get back to you ASAP
  3. Indice fans
    Ninja spring trap+replacement
    V cascade
    Aerial combo(kick cut flip, v flip,rail side flip)
    Mind eraser
    Tornado deck split
    Piano cuts
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  4. Wow! that's a lot of flourishes... Thank you, I will look more into it
  5. I want to learn the Stairmaster, but there aren't any tutorials
  6. I would like to learn some of these... Do you know where i can find tutorials?
  7. I’m not sure I’ll help you though do you want to skype at some point?
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  8. that would be great! I have skype for business.
  9. What’s your skype I can’t video chat today but can text
  10. Jaden Shipley Or email shipleyja@eastnoble.net
  11. I’ve sent message
  12. my skype is down try emailing me.
  13. Are there some yo tutorials i can watch?
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  14. They list all the names in the descriptions of their videos
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  15. I have no idea why, but after reading all the replies one by one, yours one at the last, just cracked me up!
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  16. YO! was published in Lee Asher's Sex Sells
  17. thanks
  18. I tries to find Yo tutorials, but I cant find any.. I figured out how do do Yo on my own by watching one of the virts videos..
  19. The Virts do sell video tutorials for some cardistry flourishes, at least they did at the time of their SS16 deck.

    I haven't checked to see if these are all currently available, but at the time of their SS16 deck, they had six packages making up a "Summer Special Cardistry Collection", each of which had promo videos demonstrating what they look like:
    ● 7 Second Pirouette (video)
    ● Rubix opener (video)
    ● Strobe (video)
    ● Flicker Shot (video)
    ● Perfect Faro & Cascade (video)
    ● Squeeze (not available separately)

    See here for a review and more details: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/1751503

  20. If I am not mistaken, in the description of each of their youtube videos, they put the full move list. At least I saw it on all the main ones like liquid paper, airtime, rise, ...

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