What are the good effects in Bobo's modern coin magic to you?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by goku, Nov 19, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys I was just thinking about modern coin magic by J.B.Bobo. Can you guys list some of the effects that you like in this book. I am just curious if there are any good tricks in there.

    Please help.

  2. Yes there is good tricks in there. Read the book.
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  3. IF there are any good tricks?!

    Why yes sir. yes there are. Almost everything in there is a gem.

    When you say thinking about it,are you saying thinking about buying it or thinking of reading it?
  4. Well I have been thinking of getting it but was looking for some examples of what tricks I will learn in there.
  5. Its the cradle of modern coin magic man.
    You will learn everything that is ESSENTIAL for coin magic.
  6. But what are the effects? Can you give me a couple of examples of your favourites? Just so I can see what the effects are like.

    I dont have any gaffs or boxes how big a poblem is that?
  7. You wanna see the trick performances on youtube right?
    The book first teaches you techniques of vanishes,fake takes,etc. These in themselves can be used to make tons of tricks or used as utility moves for coin gaff tricks.

    And no its not a huge problem but Id say your limiting yourself extremely if your in the purist mindset. But no the gaff and boxes section is far into the book
  8. You guys are going to flip but at the magic auction I went to a few weeks ago...I picked up The New Modern Coin Magic Book by Bobo for $8 bucks. What a steal. It is only missing the dust jacket.
  9. I think I saw that one at barnes. It was like 12 bucks though.
  10. No...this is the big, thick hard back one that runs about $45 new I believe.
    New Modern Coin Magic, Expanded or something like that.
  11. Oh ok. Mustve been a different version I saw then.
    It was just a bit more expensive than the regular modern coin magic
  12. It is not that it is just that I dont have any gaffs and the gimmicks are deer in euro. You know?

    Also are coin tricks to obvious? Like if I do a retention as part of a trick and vanish the coin will they not immediately think I didnt put it in that hand. Know what I mean?
  13. You know what a dictionary is? Right.
    You know what coin magic is? Right.

    Fuse them together. Bobo's.


  14. Thats like saying are magic tricks in general obvious.
    Its not ever the tricks fault. Its the performer. Get your sleights realistic.(as in,not to look like sleights) and youll have them believing
  15. Yes but if I do the erdnase change then nobody will know (assuming I pull it off well) and if I do a retention vanish people look to my other hand afterwards. Also Nobody will find the appearing silk obvious if I do it well but if I produce a coin while palming it then someone will guess that I had it in my hand all the time as I was never able to show people my hands empty even if I do a subtlety. Know what I mean?
  16. hmm I never have that problem when I do those kind of coin vanishes.
    I did when I first started obivously.
    Watch professional coin magicians on youtube and watch every subtelty they bring into the performances.Youll see they never get suspected or those responses
  17. Do you have a favourite trick?
  18. I do see your point, and if you walk up to someone, put the coin in your hand and do a retention vanish, people will indeed suspect the other hand.

    If you are in a strong need of performing the retention vanish on its own (which is usually a part of a routine) then make a retention vanish, make their eyes focus on the hand (they no doubt will if you have a decent retention vanish), classic palm the coin, make a magical gesture with the hand that has the coin classic palmed, and all of a sudden, you're left with 2 hands empty.

    Of course ramsay subtlety can be used as well, and there are millions of examples. The first step in making your retention vanish credible other than having it down nicely, is to not feel bad about it, or worried. That damn coin is really in that hand, and it's going to disappear whether you like it or not!

    Bobo's is your best friend, get the stuff down, practice it, develop it into your style, and work it.
  19. Well some routines need a retention at the end of a routine, you know?
    Also I know a trick were you put a coin in your hand reach up to that hands sleeve with your other hand then you produce it but will this be obvious? (btw that is only a small part of the trick but still there is a pause after that)

    Are there many different tricks in bobo's book or are they just coins across, transportations, changes and vanishes.
  20. Well to answer your question and not beat around the bush, the coin effects I use in there are the following:

    Winged silver

    Silver Extraction (Use an old flashlight lense)

    Coins Through Table

    Coin through Fist

    Then there are the utility moves like several complete vanishes of a coin, (complete vanishes meaning you show both hands empty) There are also several sleeving techniques, and full routines. It is your one stop shop for coin magic, really once you master whats in this book you can build on it and be a decent coin magician.
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