What are these color changes?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by jazzhands1, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. Paul Wilson also made a great version of zapped called Fan 2C its not improm[tu but its examinable thats a great version.
  2. Paul Wilson does have a version that's impromptu, I don't know whether it's the one in TA though. It's also quite hard to get looking decent unfortunately.

    On the bright side, FAN-2-C ends with completely examinable cards. :)

    - Sean
  3. I believe the one in TA is by Cheng Lin and it's called Cheng Lin’s Poker Change. And it is completely impromptu!
  4. oh wow...that's just awesome! it's almost worth getting TA just for that.
  5. I'd definately spend 300 bucks on a colour change.. wouldn't you!?
  6. absolutely!!!!!
  7. What the heck are you guys talkin about?
  8. He means that he doesn't approve of spending $300 for True Astonishments for the pure sake of Cheng Lin's Poker Change - see Cardclip's post... (And FYI it looks like he edited his post with the jk afterwards :p)
  9. actually i never edited my post. i typed the jk part with the rest of my post at the same time. i guess Retype.SW just didn't see it. it was just a joke. lol :p
  10. Ah, ok, my bad, it DID look like it though, but sorry :p

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