What are y'all up to lately?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zac Eckstein, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. Just curious what's going on with y'all lately, magic wise. Like I am getting a job doing magic outside a restaurant while people wait to be seated on busy nights. Doing that will help me pay for my stage show I want to tour colleges with in a year or 2. Also I worked on a failed You tube series of mine a month or two ago lol. Doing local shows getting publicity in my area as well. So what's up with you? :confused:
  2. Working on my talent show prediction. Also wanting to get into stage illusions. Reza Borchardt kind of inspired me in that area due to his immense sense of style and elegance.
  3. Magic wise?

    Just trolling the T11 forums :)
  4. J- That's pimp!

    Raul - .............. Cool....... lol :cool:
  5. Getting ready to go to a Shoot Ogawa lecture at the moment.
  6. I have recently moved 14 hours from my old home. I am now working on my Q&A and just trying to get consistant stage work up here. Other than that I have gotten into corparate shows. Parties, trade shows things of that nature.
  7. Stay busy! I am having a rough time with performing lately and getting booked.
  8. It's not a problem getting booked it is more getting consistant bookings. It sucks that I moved in the quiet season come summer I will have a lot more work.
  9. Been trying to perfrom in the new bar we opened up in NYC but with the circus going on here I really cant like at the old place. I dont even have time to practice like I want because Im burnt out. I cant imagine when I start school again
  10. I perform at the bar here on their busiest nights. I also perform wherever I may go just for the practice. I'm trying to branch out to other places but no one has the money to pay..times are tough.
  11. well my journals says it all...

    but I am working on finishing the Lost Manifesto..

    and reading The Artful Mentalism...
  12. Your journals are good.
  13. Thanks man!! I appreciate the compliment...
  14. Lets see I'm reading 13 steps to mentalism.........praticing my card magic.......and being on Theory11 forums.......yeah I have no life.

    Also thinking to get some gigs, but my Junior year is coming up so I want to focus on that more.
  15. Average life of a magician I guess.
  16. I'm off to India for a month tomorrow! I'm helping build a school, and then trekking in the Himalayas for a couple of weeks. Hopefully I'll get the opportunity to perform to some of the locals whilst I'm there...
  17. That's odd and interesting! Have fun!
  18. Being a teenager!!

    but really, gettin ready for the wayne houchin lecture in a week.
    Trying to film some stuff, and trying to get money to but strong magic!
  19. tabled faro! and improvising a ton of sybil cuts. i've fallen in love with them.
  20. I am going to his lecture as well here in TX. Tell me how it goes!

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