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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Maaz Hasan, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. Just interested in seeing what you guys are doing, have been doing, or plan to do in the near future, whether it be Maybe we can all throw around some tips? It would sure help inspire some of us.

    Me personally, I have a few effects I created that I want to perfect and possibly even release a couple by the end of summer, or at least later this year (maybe next year, idk - I want to make sure they are at there best before I release it). I have tried most of them in performances, and have gotten great reactions with a couple - specifically the ones I have been performing a lot more. I also plan on doing some bigger gigs and really getting my name out before the end of summer, and truly get a lot more experience under my belt. I also have 3 (magic) books I want to get through (I've only hopped around a bit in all of them).
    -- (If you are interested in what the effects are about, PM me and I can give you a quick verbal overview without revealing too much. This'll probably help me figure out if anyone would actually be interested in this kinda stuff).

    As for specific moves, I think I personally need to work on my pass and double lift. I've been slipping up on my pass recently, and though I haven't been caught, I've been discouraged to try it. As for my double lift, it's as clean as it has ever been, but I want to get it to the point where if I was watching a video of myself do it, I wouldn't be able to tell. Finally, I've got a list of sleights I always knew about, but never bothered to learn as I didn't think I needed them atm. These are The side steal, the bottom & second deal, the top cover pass, and the DPS, as well as more.

    How bout you? :)
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  2. I'm working on my comedic bullet catch routine that I used in a snc. I actually want to try to catch the bottle cap in my mouth. Or at least make it seem.

    I'm also working on a lot of card forcing stuff. (Including putting the finishing touches on a little force call the Amish force). I've been studying card forces for several years. Hopefully I can fill a whole book or DVD on forcing. Like the different types, when to use each type, improvements on some forces, and some brilliant force card reveals. I doubt it'll ever happen though.

    I'm trying to finally get a good advanced double lift.

    In between practicing I've been writing a satire on Expert at the card table on a google docs.
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  3. The last Tenyo for my children's hospital show should be showing up either today or tomorrow! At this point, I only need 3 very specific Pokémon cards, latex free rubber bands, and some serious tailoring work on 6-7 handkerchiefs and the financial aspect of the show is completely done...unless the 2018 Tenyo line has something I can use.

    I'm also constructing a parlour show. No idea when I'd actually get that chance to use it (would be an adult show). But it's very Tommy Cooper inspired. So a lot of 'anti-magic'/magic that doesn't work, dry humor, etc. I'm writing down a bunch of tricks and jokes to use at the moment.

    I've made the idiot decision to eventually get 'Nailed It!', the trick Dan White used on Jimmy Fallon. I've got a great routine idea for it, butvthat trick is damn expensive. It'll be worth it.
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  4. I have been trying to learn 'Linking Rings', I have a small set that have the normal 'gimmick' and as many of you know this takes practice to do it correctly. I have read about some newer versions of linking rings that have a new gimmick that takes much less skill. The only ones I found on line were very expensive....so, alas I will work on this until I have it!
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  5. It is. I use it regularly now and it always goes over well. If you pick it up, send me a message and I'll share some of my thoughts on how it can be tweaked so it doesn't seem like everyone else's routine.

    My next big projects are writing another book, tweaking my seance program to start advertising for October, scouting local venues so I can try to set up a recurring show somewhere, and the big project is working on a memory act. I know what I want to be able to do, and I know what it will take to do that, so now it's just a matter of putting the work into it. Oh, and I need to redesign my business card. Just got a new monogram created.
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  6. I love when the basic things I've been doing for years on end get better with just a small adjustment. I'd recommend checking out Andi Gladwin's At The Table lecture. He talks about his push off double for like 5 minutes and I haven't done my doubles the same since. They're a billion times better now.

    As for me, I've been working on writing a theatrical show. I'm not quite to practicing the material yet, but I'm getting close. I decided yesterday that at some point I want to do a completely satirical bit about employing demonic forces to accomplish the magic they're seeing (in light of all the videos about how magicians use demonic forces).

    "I'm always asked how I do these things - where did you learn?! How long did it take?! Well I'm here to tell you, it took no time. I never spent COUNTLESS hours practicing. I SURELY didn't study numerous magic books or... PFFF 'spend my childhood alone in a room practicing CARD TRICKS HAH!' No... This is all a rouse. An act put on by demonic forces. You heard that right. I sold my soul. For this."

    I'm still not sure what routine I want to do with this sort of script but I'll figure something out. I thought about doing needle through arm but I don't think that fits the satirical theme.
  7. What kind of double lift are you going for? I'm trying to perfect a Vernon push off double lift, maybe even throw in a snap double too.

    And you have to release the satire when you are done!
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  8. I know I'm not 010rusty lol but push off double is the one Andi talks about and the one I started doing. I'd never done one before because I wasn't comfortable with them so I stuck to strike doubles or just getting a break. But I try to do nothing but push off's now and can get a triple at will if I want to. Crazy how such a small detail made such a huge difference.

    And about the satire, I'm not sure if it will be a new trick, I may just script it to something existing. We shall see!
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  9. I am working on a double transposition effect where each of two spectators is holding a card between their hands, and the cards change places. Simple, straightforward and direct, but very magical. I am working up a script along the lines that everyone, not just magicians, has magical powers, and that they can accomplish the seemingly impossible if they have faith and really believe in themselves.

    After the transposition occurs, I will ask any other spectators present to give the two spectators a round of applause - which they will do. Not only does this make those spectators feel good and condition the spectators to applaud, but if the host or party planner is within earshot, they will believe the applause is for the magician (which, indirectly, it is). I have found that getting these types of demonstrative reactions (applause and/or laughter) is important, as it can lead to tips, getting rehired by the host or party planner, and/or getting hired for a future event by one or more of the guests. The main thing anyone who engages us cares about (in my humble opinion) is that the guests are being entertained and having a great time. When they hear people applauding and/or laughing, then they know that is the case.
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  10. Right now I'm working on a medium pepperoni pizza and some breadsticks.
    Seriously.. I'd like to say the double lift, but I'm not sure I'll ever stop working on that.
  11. Just putting the finishing touches on my new book :) Hopefully will be available for preorder by the beginning of July! :)
    Magic Wise, Working on my same old stuff. Focusing heavily on restaurant magic!
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  12. Tomorrow night is our annual magic creativity contest, I've tweaked "Nailed it" to be a silent act done to some good ol Frank Sinatra.

    Patter isn't my strongest suit, I usually tend to go into talking routines with a really rough outline and then rely on situational improv.
    This doesn't bode well for going up against the more seasoned working professionals.

    So this year I chose to combine my two Loves, swing dancing and magic.
    I hope it ends up seeming original compared to my usual nailed it act. I'm hoping to have it filmed as well, we'll see.
    Very excited this year.
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  13. What is it with this thread and 'Nailed It'? 3 of us have mentioned the same trick now. Crazy!
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  14. Haha it's a great routine, I love so much of Scott's work, but trying to buy it all is an expensive thing for sure. God damn I want velocity 3.0 so much :p I just have to settle with Alan rorrisons bullet catch until then.
  15. Nailed It is really good. A friend just performed it in his show a few weeks ago and it mostly killed. We're trying to rework it though because I was sitting in the audience and heard someone guess the method on the second smash. It's too perfect.
  16. Is there a place I can see a demo of nailed it? I think I've seen it in a bigger show, but don't know which trick it is, exactly.
  17. Here's a full performance of Scott doing it.

    Has anyone considered Jon Allen's Pain Game? Another good solution to the plot, they both have their pros and cons.
  18. ahh. I always thought this was a classic? I think it is. I personally love the effect, but will never buy it because I do very little stage/parlor magic (in fact, 100% of my tricks are made for close up, but a couple can be used for a stage). That in itself is almost a gift - because I can see this trick, and other stage magic, as a regular spectator would :)

    Anyways, I've seen a couple variations of this. My favorite is probably Brian Brushwood's:

    Lol, that was just a prank. But seriously, this is my favorite:

    If anyone knows what the original is called (he says it in the first video, but I didn't understand), where it originated, or where I can find it, please tell me, because I think I have a way to make this close up (the actual routine of course).

    And just for fun... (If you have a weak stomach, don't click this).
  19. I actually forgot to mention, I'm working on some spongeball stuff. I'm working out the problems with sponge balls.
    I'm working on some Flourishes(like springs, and packet cuts), so it doesn't look like a gimmick prop and instead give the impression of sleight of hand.
    I'm using a larger yellow version therefore it looks like balls of sponge rather than a clown nose.
    And most importantly I'm calling them "Otterbox branded iPhone cleaners". Now it makes since why you would be caring it on you. It also opens the path to some great patter. Such as, When you vanish yours, and it appears in their hand it is as if you Text it to them. Rather than the cheese magician vanish.

    It is still a work in progress.
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  20. That trick went exactly to plan. She was an amateur magician, and he had to get rid of the competition.
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