What are your go-to card routines?

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  1. I've been doing card tricks for years now(it's my main type of magic) and all my tricks are starting to get a bit jumbled haha....out of curiosity, what are everybody's favorite main routines to perform with cards? I've found myself doing the ACR a bit too often:)
  2. Mine is an impromptu card transpo routine I invented called Camper. It's super easy and gets great reactions!
  3. I rarely do card tricks any more, and never in a paid performance at this point.

    I have a trick I call The Willing Game where an audience volunteer is able to divine the color of a card without seeing it. I have one called The Psychic Game where I am able to read a volunteer's mind repeatedly. Both of those are my creations.

    I will do Revolver by Greg Wilson (The one with card seemingly flipping around in the deck, not the deck spinning on the finger), and a couple routines from Tony Chang as well, if I'm asked to do something with cards.

    Oh, and for a really quick trick I'll do this transposition I learned years ago where a selected card jumped from between the red aces, to between the black aces. And of course, ACR, but mine is a bit different to most people's.
  4. It depends on my setting:

    School/public : Jay Sankey influenced Ambitious Card

    Restaurant(sitting at the table): two card transpo sandwich routine

    Stage: A routine I created called "The Easy Way or Hard Way"

    When I don't know what to do: Card to Mouth
  5. If I had to do one on the fly, It would be Allan Ackerman's Quick Coincidence or Gary Oulette's Finger On The Card.
  6. For parlor shows:

    Jim Steinmeyer's Pasteboards Under Glass (card to gin bottle)
    Billy McComb's McComical Deck (Jumbo)
    Eric Ross's Election (done as a compatability test for a couple)
    Invisible Deck (Jumbo)
    Tossed Out Deck
    Juan Tamariz's Paradise Found

    For strolling magic:

    Jerry Andrus and Danny Korem's Omni Deck
    Jay Sankey's Carbon Copy
    Wayne Houchin's French Kiss
    Justin Miller's Pip Matrix (recognizing that he wasn't the first to do this effect but that is where I learned it)
    Justin Miller's Stranger Card (same as above)
    Brainwave / Invisible Deck

    For close up table magic:

    Wildcard (Original by Garcia, learned from Simon Lovell)
    Triumph (Original Stars of Magic Version or Play it Straight / Bannon Triumph)
    Slydini's Helicopter Card
    A Poker Dealing Routine learned from Dani DaOrtiz at a workshop
    Caleb Wiles's Fully Automatic Card Trick
    Chad Long's Shuffling Lesson
    Wayne Houchin's Invisible Palm Aces
    Caleb Wiles's Holy Blank
    Craig Petty's Wipeout
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  7. "Tour de Force."
    "Drawing a Blank"
    "Boxed Reset"
    "Ambitious Ink"
    "Chicago Closer"
    "Tu Tu Transpo"
    "Pokemon Card to Pocket/Pokeball"
    "Do as You Want"
    "Shootin Blanks"


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