What are your opener effects?

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  1. I want to know what everyone opens with when they perform. An opener must be something quick and visual. It should grab someones attention and make them want more. I am currently building a set to use for showing people my magic but not too much. The opener to me is the most important effect of any set just as a first impression with a person. All input is highly appreciated and you get 100 brownie points with me also.
  2. I always start with my performance of the mind power deck really love this effect. It never fails to get great reactions ( always carry it with me). I will also do some rubber band magic like cmh followed by stairway.
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  3. I open with a trick that I mess up on purpose but find the card in the end so I do rising card to the top deck with a Houdini change.
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  4. I love effects where I can borrow an object from a spectator and do something cool with it like Break, Ring Flight, or No Pressure. If that opportunity doesn't present itself than I will do something organic such as Lipsmacker.

    For stage, my opening is constantly evolving. The venue sort of dictates what that show will consist of.
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  5. According to whom?

    My opener depends on where I am performing. On stage I like to open with a poem, or a piece that's very simple and largely consists of me talking about my interests and hobbies. In paid walk-up, my opener is, "Hello! My name is Christopher, and I'm a little strange. I've been hired tonight to entertain you folks with some of the odd things I've picked up over the years. What's your name?"
  6. It sounds like you're going to be doing casual/street/walk-up magic for your friends and family. If you'll be doing a card routine go with the Chicago opener. It's a perfect one-two punch that gets everyone watching, and easily moves into your next trick.

    If it's coins simply do your best vanish of a borrowed coin- the simplest, cleanest one you know. That will encourage them to suspend their disbelief for your other effects that maybe don't end so clean.

    If it's mentalism, then you can start something with several outs. Since it's your first effect they won't know what you have planned so you can start more open ended. These kinds of effects are usually more gutsy, but the reveal is worth it. Plus, when they are followed by a sure-fire mentalism miracle your whole routine will be on a whole other level. Hope this helps.
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  7. I love blank deck routines as my openers.... I have 2 that I use depending on the set I am performing!

    The closer to my act ends with all of the cards going blank again so everything comes back full circle :)

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  8. Depends on the audience and location. Anti gravity trick with a bottle if at a bar, Pointless by Gregory Wilson for impromptu are a few examples. Mentalism is another opener if the people are new/meeting them for the first time.

    I don't do card tricks (strongly dislike 95% of them). That and I feel card magic isn't my style. I could rant for a while about card tricks but would come across as a cranky old man.
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  9. I work mostly with kids....I use rope tricks...'cut and restore rope' and "Professors Nightmare" usually get them going pretty well...
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  10. I think there is no "perfect" trick. It depends on the kind of public, the venue and the time you have to perform. I think that a good opener should be:
    - something you feel confident doing, to avoid the initial pressure and be spontaneous
    - envolving, to break the ice with the public
    - casual: if you make the presentation boring and talk too long in an opener, people will see you mostly like an actor and will think they have nothing more to see from you
    - interesting: start from everyday object. You will gain people's interest also for the next tricks
    - visual: I generally prefer magic that takes place in the mind, not in the eyes, but human brain reacts more easily to visual magic. So the first trick should be more visual than "mind-envolving". Keep mentalism, ACAAN and stuff like that for the next tricks.
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  11. Check out "safe opener " by Colin mcleod.
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  12. Is that effect only on his Penguin lecture and in his books?
  13. I saw it in his lecture but I think its in one of his books (Divine or epiphanies).
  14. I agree with Faust....Chicago Opener is a strong opener. If I'm working tables at a restaurant, I might open with passe-passe salt.
  15. The only card opener I agree with doing is back palming. Other than that I strongly disagree with opening with a card trick regardless of how you feel about it. A deck of cards isn't justified until you justify it. You can't expect a spectator to want to watch you if you involve them on the first effect. You basically are saying "you have to do this" even though they have not invited you to giver them your time.
  16. The best opener is... [wait for it]... YOU!

    Your opening should showcase your personality. Don't rely on the effect to give you a personality. It is the other way around.

    Find something that shows the audience who you are.
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  17. I fully agree. I'm not looking for an opener. I am wondering what everyones openers are.
  18. Currently, my opener is my variation of Jim Steinmeyer's Pasteboards Under Glass. I'm working on a linking rings routine done to an Orchestral Version of Fireflies. I frequently open kids shows with a Jumbo Invisible Deck routine done with a beach ball and dancing to I Gotta Feeling. Someday, I'll get down my billiard ball routine done to Jack Johnson's Upside Down.
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  19. I do "street magic" tricks. I've never performed on stage and really don't have an interest to. With that said, my go-to tricks are "two card monte", "Prophet", and that basic card switch trick that is the basis for Wayne Houchin's kissing routine. If I have more time, I'll do David Roth's coins across routine.
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  20. I love doing Two Card Monte and Here Then There. I stay away from big bill changes because bad things could happen and its not like you can give away the money. if I were you I would go check out Patrick Kun's new effect called Breach on penguin magic.
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