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  1. http://gonintendo.com/?p=30333 .... what is this garbage? (I would replace garbage with another word but that might make people feel offended:)) They better not reveal any good illusions on this "game". If any of my friends get this (I'm in high school...) I'll pretty much be ruined. I hate this. All these companies are making gimmicky games. I PRAY this "game" is horrible. I want to see more of this product.

    What do you guys think?
  2. This game is obviously aimed at children, therefore we won't be seeing David Copperfield's, Wayne Houchin's, or any other magician that "we" know and love tricks being revealed on this game.

    I remember I was fascinated by magic when I was young, and I don't see anything wrong with this game. I think kids will get a kick out of it.

  3. Mathieu Bich is part of making the game available in Europe. This is made by TEnyo, a well respected JApanese MAgic Manufacturer. This game is great. Gets young kids interested in magic. Its all simple card tricks. Key cards, and basic forces I assume. Nobody would buy the game to reveal your methods though.
  4. Personally I think this is a good thing. This is just another way that the future magicians of the world will get their start. I don't see any harm in it. Though, I imagine the cards it'll come with are plastic cards with Nintendo characters on them.

    Shane K.
  5. Hopefully nothing major is revealed, but Im sure nothing will since of all the legal issues that could ensue.

    This is an awesome idea, which I find very cool, I may get it for my younger cousin and see if I can get him hooked on magic. Very good way to target a younger audience, what kid doesn't love video games?

  6. Wait a minute.

    I am confused here.

    It's OK to spend money at Magic Sites to learn Magic, but you can't Purchase a game that does the same?

    If Books and DVD's are OK, why are video games bad?

    It's just a different form of teaching in my opinion. You must purchase the game to learn and that is no different than purchasing a book or DVD.

    It's aimed at children and that's cool, but even if it contained some hard hitting effects like ACR's. Why would it matter?

    You still payed to learn it........
  7. I think the fact that it's a video game seems to be trivializing it. It's like paint by numbers, sure, you painted it and it looks neat, but i there really a meaning behind it?
  8. Yay, my first post!

    *ahem* That aside...

    I agree with Proximo.

    I got my start in magic from reading books at the library. Anyone can go to the library. For free. Should magic books be pulled from their shelves? Nah. Everyone needs a start somewhere. There seems to be a problem with some magicians these days being selfish, at least in my opinion. They claim exposure from a source many people got started in magic. Where does the line of learning material end and exposure start? Everyone should have the chance to learn what you know ... unless it is your effect which you created and don't want to sell anywhere.
  9. Well, I personally think learning from dvds trivializes magic. It makes you copy the other person and never develop a style of your own. The last thing we need is a bunch of carbon-copy, cutout dvd magicians.

    I don't really feel this way, of course, but you see my point? This game is not "exposure," it's teaching. It's just another way to get young people interested in magic and teach them some effects they can perform for their friends. I see nothing wrong with this. If it's a good way to learn, the format it's in shouldn't matter. I've watched all my magic dvds on my PS2 because I don't have a dvd player in my room, so I guess for me magic and video games go hand-in-hand anyway.

    But yeah, this is not exposure, and I have no problem with it.

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