What are your top magic effects? MIRACLES

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ricardoa, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. What are your favorite effects? Very strong magic.

    invisible deck.
    out of this world
    card in orange
    deep 3
  2. All magic is strong magic, if performed correctly.
  3. I totally agree with robert. With the proper presentation skills, all magic can be strong
  4. The Big Tiny
  5. Indeed, any effect can be powerful with the right performance, although if I was to choose one it would be ACR FTW!!

  6. I disagree a bit. There are, in fact, some really crap tricks out there that no one could turn into miracles.

    That being said, I'm not terribly inclined to share what I've worked to develop into commercial material to randoms on the internet. Do your own research and create your own repertoire, plskthnxbai.
  7. Meh, I recall buying a 'magic kit' for 50 cents to challenge my presention skillz. A lot of it was just stupid, but it had a two card monte that I could do something with, and it fooled some people. I'm not saying that was 'strong' magic, just a little story.

    A good, well thought out Ambitious Card can do wonders.
  8. I'd have to agree with Christopher, there are such things as bad effects. There are bad versions of wonderful effects out there as well.

    There are performers who can turn bad magic into watchable magic and mediocre effects into miracles, but they don't. They find and refine what they feel is the best magic they can do for the character they portray.

  9. I am going to report you for using internet slang...
    Just kidding!!

    Liquid Metal..is just one of them for me!!
  10. 5 bucks the OP has already Googled everything he didn't know on this list.
  11. (Slams five bucks on the table) I'll take that bet =)
  12. Bringing a fly back to life, (now I just need to bring back Spots my dog)
    Summoned Chuthulu Mythos from a great void.
  13. Well it was said that anything can be "strong magic" with the right presentation. I could not DISAGREE more!


    I would love to see a good STRONG presentation to a live audience of this effect.
  14. I enjoy doing Interlace myself.

    And out of curiosity, why are people judging the op for asking a question like this? And why wouldn't he google tricks that he hasn't heard of before - aren't people are saying that they are the best effects?

    Finding out about effects outside of your scope and reading, is a good thing. If it encourages him to pursue the art, even better. If you think he is going to copy your material (and he should be doing his own stuff) well, then you shouldn't be doing published material that is for sale to the public....
  15. I feel like card-to-wallet is a genuine miracle.

    Bill to lemon was the first real "miracle" in my eyes as a child.
  16. Juan Tamariz - Triple Coincidence
  17. C3. By far. Soooo impossible to spectators. So outstanding. Against all odds. It just works.
  18. Thread. Sorry Wayne but I've kinda stolen it made it my own and it's now my signature piece.
    Power ball 60. With the right presentation people will either run away screaming or just assume you can actually read minds no matter how much you deny it.
  19. Sure. Buy it and mail it to me and I'll put something together for you :)

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