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    I bought the book “Switch” when it came out, and if you don’t own it...well, you should. It deals with just about every bill change, and effect, worth talking about up to the publication date.

    Anyhow – I use an old bill change from a video I learnt called “Money Morph” – but am considering changing my technique to make the switch look more like a change.

    So, I need a switch that I can use that will allow me to repeat the effect without any reset. Also, I use different coloured bills...being Canadian, so no switch where a flash can occur during the change. The reason I am looking to change, is because there is a moment where my hand covers all...and I would like to make it look cleaner.

    So the question I pose for all is – What change do you use and why? OR What do you feel the best bill change is? (Only answer the latter if you actually do or know more than one bill change)

    Anyhow – please don’t post if you don’t do the bill change, or only have opinions on it – however, for those that DO the switch...what change do you use and why?

    Thanks for your help in advance.
  2. Morgician,

    I work at a restaurant 3 nights a week (5 in the summer) and use the Extreme Burn bill switch every time I work. It's an awesome DVD - and the new version 2.0 resets instantly (like the previous version) - just what you are looking for.

    The gimmick is pretty standard, but there is a little touch that adds so much to the effect, and makes it easier, and more practical. Plus, Richard's new DVD Extreme Burn 2.0 has a lot more changes that require NO COVER whatsoever, plus, they are easy, and look very magical.

    I'd really recommend E.B. 2.0 as a working magician, which I know you are too.

    Good luck,


    P.S. - this beats out every Bill change DVD because Prophet only teaches 2 bill changes, whereas this teaches 10 or so, and, you're bound to find one that you like. Plus, the added gimmick/touch to the standard gimmick makes this change a lot easier and more visual too.
  3. Well i totally suggest twisted by daniel garcia on his DG project. It is an amazing bill change i use all the time. There could be a flash if you use different colored bills but im sure you can conceal it well enough to wear they cannot see it.

    Hope this helps,

  4. Magicsenj - thanks for the feedback; however, I should have been clear. I am looking for a single bill switch - using a TT, or not, but no gimmicks. The bill will be borrowed.

    Shadowmaster - twisted is okay...I have all the DG project stuff, but it just isn't good enough. I prefer to use a TT.
  5. I use the basic one..TT, but I try to give a different presentation and I have like 3 different routine using the same concept
  6. Hmm, Luis Vega - what exactly is the "basic" one?

    There are so many in Switch, that I wonder what are the strength and weaknesses of them all. I read the tricks only so far, so perhaps a bit more study will tell me...

    I wondered if anyone has studied the bill change for the strength and weaknesses of handling in this forum?

    Thanks for the post.
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    Visi-Bill by Richard Sanders.

    One of my all-time favorite bill changes. It's not on the market anymore so you'd have to look around (Misdirections seems to have it, although you might want to call first), but it seems to be exactly what you want. Borrowed bill. No prefolding. No cover. No gimmicked bills. Visual bill change. Uses a TT. Cyril's used the change on more than one of his specials. Here's a clever use of it.
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    Juan Hundred Dollar Bill Switch (looks like change) and I believe you can change the color of the bill and no flashing will be involved... I'll have to find the DVD once I get back home to tell you the full detail, but I believe that was the case. It just didn't suit me too well, but you might like it.


    Sorry, I didn't read your red writing, it's hard to actually pick that out... But I stopped doing bill changes for a long time, due to the fact that I lost my TT everywhere... haha...
  9. Not practical to do with a borrowed bill.
  10. well I missed that post too. Shoot, too early in the morning. Thanks for point that out, Mat La Vore.
  11. Hey Mat thanks - does it have instant reset?

    I am usually all over Sanders stuff too...so that sucks. I may contact him directly about it. Thanks

    However, for my purpose - I need to have it mostly in a normal display before the fold - so in it's glory - be a bill that isn't folded, then folded changed, and unfolded. Still work?
  12. Yep. Look at the link I put up in my first post and you can see Sanders perform it. Instant re-set. No pre-folding either. Great change.
  13. Bill changes I use and why

    The main bill change I have been using is the method taught by Andrew Mayne on his website. Also the eighths fold and into a thumbtip method taught on Garry Darwin's Thumb Tip dvd. Holy crap what a set of dvds.

    The Mayne change's advantage is it is meant to be used with a borrowed dollar bill. All that is required is your own bill you want to change their bill into.

    Then there is the thumb tip method which obviously uses a thumb tip. I suppose you could borrow a thumbtip from your spectators just make sure you have a sharp enough knife.

    Depending on what the switch is needed for I may favor one over the other, but they are equally loved.

    I know Canadian bills are different colors. However the 100 has the closest tan color that is on all the bills. You could fold them in a way that shows the most tan do a switch and Viola. If you are going for an instant change I suggest taking Mayne's version and adding a snap change to it.
  14. for me the basic one is the one using tt and then folding the bill and change it...I learn it in The Real Secrets Of Magic..Is the one I see that is performed the most around...that why I say is the basic one...although I am looking at the Infinity Switch by Sean Fields and I think I might change mine for that one

    Edit: one of the presentations is that I take out a piece of paper and draw a bill....with a happy face in the center and say something like I usually pay bills with this kind of money and then I turn it into a real bill...

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