What card condition is needed for thumb fan?

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  1. I can do a thumb fan in a better shape when using a brand new deck, but after toying the deck for a day or two, it is very difficult for me to fan the deck. Normally I use a normal bicycle deck.

    May someone can advice me, when I have to change another deck to practice fan flourishes in general?

    I know I can use fan powder, but eager to know about card condition for flourishing.
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  2. Make sure the environment you're in is dry, humidity can cause the cards to stick. Also make sure your hands are clean before practicing, as natural dirt and oils on our hands can cause the finish on the cards to come off.

    If your cards are broken in, try holding the deck in your non dominant hand, hold it the correct position (thumb pressing down with a reasonable amount of pressure) and pull the deck from left to right with your dominant thumb. Try to stay away from fanning powder, especially if you have a new deck (the cards should not lose it's finish in two days at all).

    Personally, if I'm having an issue with a particular deck (i.e. clumping) what I will do is I will shuffle the cards using a Faro shuffle, I'd dribble them for a bit, do a few spreads, and basically mindlessly "play" with them. After I do that for a bit, I'll put them back in the tuck case, and put them in a drawer (again, this is a dark, dry place, no humidity.) After a few days of them sitting there, I'll come back to them and they'll be back to normal.

    Hope this helps.
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  3. Thanks for your great reply, sure would help me a lot.

    I live in Hong Kong, Hong Kong is a very humid place..., even when I switch on my air conditioner, still can feel that humidity. May be it cannot be avoided.

    Still have a long way to go, hope can do a decent thumb fan later as I love to do cherry control (required a nice thumb fan)
  4. I don't live in a place with high humidity, but I'm well aware that humidity will crinkle up a deck in a hurry.

    For fans, generally a new/gently used deck works best with their finish still intact.
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