What cards are traditionally cut with a smooth finish

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  1. I am looking for cards which are traditionally cut with and have a smooth finish. I've only found Zen, but they are too rigid. Anyone know of some USPCC or Fournier that come this way?
  2. Aviators made in Cincinnati, Oh.
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  3. Hey, David. I recommend Aladdin Playing Cards. They have a smooth finish and seem I hold up better in the summer time. Here’s a link to what I’m talking about:


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  4. Hey David,

    You could also try the Lee Asher Fournier 605’s

    They don’t fan well but they are one of my go too’s for table work.

    And they last forever. Like forever. I still have the first deck I opened almost 10 years ago and it’s great.

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  5. Thanks. Was looking at those. There seems to currently be a bug on his site where it wants to charge me $7.50 shipping per deck! I guess I will pick some up from another retailer I found. I hear they are cut differently and could work for what I need.
    I really just want some Steamboats cut the other way, but that's not a thing so I'll keep trying other decks.
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  6. I'm okay if they don't fan, but I like a low friction finish for culling. How are they for that? It doesn't need to be completely smooth, for example I find Aristocrats are slicker than most other cards too.

    Well if that's the case then I may have a gross of miscellaneous decks I won't know what to do with!
  7. What year did they move?
  8. I think 2009. I can't remember. You can still buy steamboat reprints from Art of Play. $8 each, and they have some other great reprints as well. Peau Doux reprints are hard to beat.
  9. Those Art of Play Steamboats are my favorite deck, except I need them cut the the other way.
  10. The 605s actually came traditionally cut. And it seems his shipping rates are based on you buy only 1, 6, or 12 decks.

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