What cards to buy?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Jugo, May 23, 2008.

  1. Hello, I would like some reccomendations on what cards should I buy. I do mostly magic, and I need them to really last well, because I do not buy cards from the internet so often, and I've never had a bicycle deck :rolleyes:
    What I'm thinking of getting is either:
    Bicycle Masters Deck (cuz I heard they should last longer)
    Bicycle Guardians (cuz they look awesome, dont know how they last though :p )

    witch one is better? or maybe someone has other suggestions? :)
  2. Wait until 11:00 PM EST and then get a brick of guardians.
    You will get 25% off and the chance to win 144 more decks of guardians.
  3. Actually, get a brick of Guardians right now and get 25% off. It's a 12 hour contest, Breen.
  4. I would, but the shipping costs just too much :/
  5. how much is shipping ??? idk about guardians... i think the centurions look better but guardians would be really cool too... a year supply is always nice as well.
  6. Get 2 boxes of "Tally Ho's" and tell me thank you in a month.

  7. shipping is: Priority Mail International $34.00
    Express Mail International (EMS) $41.50

    for me I would get the guardians instead of the centurios, they just look cooler to me :D But it's just the price..

    So I should just get the tally ho's ? :} Well, I guess that's the best choice.

    Unless anyone else has other suggestions :}

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