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  1. So I have a bit of an issue. I have small hands for a guy and this posses a big problem for doing any kind of trick that involves palming or any other slight like that. What cards would you suggest using? :confused:
  2. First of all - http://www.leeasher.com/lee_asher_hand.html Check this out. Lee Asher is a wonderful magician and look at the size of his hands! The great Max Malini also had famously small hands but palmed indetectably every time. So first off I"d just like to say that hand size is no barrier! Yes, it may mean that you might have to practice a bit more or adjust to a few things but there's no reason why you can't palm or anything else. Notice that if you palm a card in your right hand, and tilt it to the right, for example, even if the card sticks out the side of the hand, you still can't see the palm :)

    So honestly, there's no reason why you can't do anything anyone else does with normal poker sized cards - and for these there are a large assortment available. If you did want to try using bridge sized cards though, you could give those a shot :)
  3. I have small hands as well and can just barely palm a card with about a millimeters room for error. I have to keep my hands at just the right angle or else I flash an edge or a corner. To compensate I use misdirection if I have to palm.

    Know your audience. Do a few tricks that don't require palming and see if they are burning your hands. If you find that you can get them to look where you want them to via misdirection or eye contact then try some palming tricks.

    Also don't rush palming a card. Take your time and work your crowd. With good crowd control the audience will look where you want them to and not at the card that is barely sticking out of your hand.

    Keep on practicing.

  4. i probably have the smallest hands around here- yet i can still palm quite decently. misderection is cool.

    also if you really cant palm, try doing a gambler's cop instead. if you want to cop the top card, flip the deck over and cop it. likewise if you want to cop the bottom card, just cop it as usual.
  5. wow those are bloody small hands,you got to be kidding right?
  6. You should try the gamblers palm from Daniel Madison's Mystique dvd. This palm doesnt require any hand size, just watch your angels. But I use it all the time I love it.

    PS. You should try it out in 5 Card Draw very easy way how to cheat.:p
  7. you need to open the image. clic on it once
  8. like Danielmadison says::
    Nobody will watch an empty hand.
  9. it's called gamblers cop just soo people don't get confused
  10. Like some people have said, the gambler's cop is the way to go. It's the only palm I can use because I have tiny hands as well.
  11. Holy s***! Really? Asher's hands are THAT small?????
  12. Remember to click the image to enlargen it (slightly) - but yes, they're small.
    MY HAND IS 1 knuckle smaller than his....
    palming is a interesting subject.
    the least thing to worry about is hand size.
    I can get a 7 year old with perfect misdirection and he can palm a deck.
    palming is fully about audience management.
    even if you need to take a card and jam it into your hand as if you cant execute any palms properly, if you have proper audience management, you will pull it off. When i do a classic one handed palm. 1/5 of the card sticks out the left side of the palm, yet no one has ever caught me.
    If you seriously want advice on cards, then use bridge size.
    But seriously, if you cant handle your audience, then even palming mini cards wont work.
    If you want a GREAT DVD on palming, get John Carney's On Palming. Teaches a wide range of different palms, teaches every nuance, every move, every technique, every subtlety. Carney is the master of misdirection as well. He follows in the foot steps of Ramsey, who is one of the best at audience control. Carney teaches you where to look at what time, how to hold your hands, where to put them, how to move, everything you need to know. I highly recommend this DVD.
  14. If you actually want cards that may help you, look for Bridge-sized cards. A lot of companies make them, you just won't be able to find some of the high-end stuff that the Poker-sized market has. The Bridge cards are a full 1/2" thinner.

  15. mine are almost the same size...
  16. :DMy hand is the exact same size as Lee Asher!:p:D:p

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