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What cards?

Sep 22, 2007
Hey guys i hate to be beating a dead horse. Ok here's my dilemma i want to get 1 brick of cards or 12 packs. My options are Arrco's or Aladdin's or Smoke and Mirrors and last but not least SS Lions. Now i know that the smoke and mirrors and lions are high quality but what makes Aladdin's or Arrcos higher quality then average bikes which one feels better ( Aladdin's or Arrco's) Are either better then bikes and again if both are higher quality then which is better out of the two. Those are my main questions. O and i would also like input on Lions are they worth it?

Thanks So much
Aug 31, 2007
Well Split spades are great, i got a deck a few months ago, and it is still good as new.

Arrco's are fantastic, they are thinner, the finish is great, and fanning is a dream. they spring excelently too.
Dec 20, 2007
Joplin, Mo., USA
No one 'cept T11 types know what S&Ms feel like.

I'll beat my own dead horse: You shouldn't be buying bricks until you know you have found a deck you like. Everyone has their favorites for a reason. Mine is the Ghost deck. But others hate that deck.

Experiment, play around. Buy a few of each deck you mentioned, but not a brick.
I'm probably not the going to be the only person to say this, but you should really get a brick of tallys. They are good all around, and are great for everything from flourishing to magic. The circles look better than the fan backs, so get those. They sell really cheap ones at this site, but you can't choose exactly what you want.

Always hoping to help,

May 16, 2008
well aladdins have a 'smooth' finish. it's very different and takes some getting used to. They do clump up a lot after a while so they won't fan or spread good. These cards are great for magic and flourishing. The finish however is what makes them truly unique.

Arccos have a plastic coating but it reacts like an air cussion finish. they are very slippery and are great for magic but not so much flourishing. They do clump after a while, but a pressure fan can fix fanning problems (same with aladdins).

Split Spades are great. They get kind of a soft feeling when you break them in they fan great for a long time and recover good from hard practices. Plus they look awesome.

Arccos and SS are in my opinion better than bikes because they last a lot longer, and they don't have rough edges. The edges are very smooth on all of these cards. With Aladdins, they are better than bikes for me because they are better for flourishing but in the end it comes down on which type of finish you like more.

and finally S&M. nobody knows what they feel like yet. soo...? its up to you. i think they'll be great so i'll be pickin up some.

Jun 6, 2008

I agree. Get 2 packs of each, if money is a concern. And you know what? Your preferences may change depending on what you're doing.

My favorites (in no particular order because they do change) are:
Ghosts, Master's, 1800's, Centurions, Guardians, Aladdins, Absoluts, and just regular Bikes.

I personally, am not a big fan of Tally-Ho's (and I'm greatly in the minority here). I like the feel and back-design of the Split Spades, but hate the face-cards, so I hardly ever use them.

Smoke and Mirrors are definitely on my radar to pick up. But honestly, right now, I dig the smooth finished Aladdin's best.

But I also don't do lots of fans, so my tastes may not be the norm. I'm mostly a magic fellow, and enjoy 1 and 2 handed cuts. A flourisher may go another route altogether. Everyone has a different opinion, so just give them all a try, and see which best suits you.

Apr 30, 2008
Burnaby, BC, Canada
Split Spades are awesome, the don't clump at all but when the edges get brownish the fans and spreads get a bit ugly.
And the face cards -- yeah, the only one i can accept is Blaine on the King of Spades, everything else looks too creepy. : )
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