What color would you choose?

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  1. If you had your choice of color for a card back, what would you choose?

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  2. Those all look pretty cool.

    If I had to pick one it would be the blue one. It would be the white one if the ink on it was black.

  3. The red is kinda too dark for my liking but the other three look insane.

    Mostly the blue
  4. they all look insane but i prefer the white one
  5. I like the white one, but maybe you should darken the lines a bit so they don't look so blue-ish...but the black one also looks cool. Argh I can't decide. The deck design itself has this kind fo dark and mysterious aura to it, so a colorfull...color...in my opinion, ruins the atmosphere.

    Good job!
  6. They're all great but I think the 3rd (blue) or the 4th (red) are the best. I would love to see these as actual cards. They look amazing.
  7. Those look SICK! I'd say brighten up the red a bit and you have me sold.:p

  8. damn this is a really really hard choice but im going to be original and chose blue
  9. Holy crap. Make those. Sell those. Give me 99.99% of the money. I love them all, especially the white & blue ones.
  10. the 3rd and 4th ones are sick!! but the back design is a bit long... are the cards bridge size or poker size?
  11. red and blue are the best. These are really good
  12. Damn, they are hawt.

    I love the first and second colours. The second one even more if the lines were black.

    Loving them man :D

    -Sam H
  13. i like the second one.....you did a really good job
  14. I'm going to be totally different.

    The second ones. (not different)
    Don't darken the lines to black, maybe highlight some of the lines darker (the wings, some of the main scroll) but the reason it looks so awesome is the faded color, imho.

    Sweet design. How long have you been working on it?
  15. I have roughly 72 hrs into the card back. They are poker cards. Working on custom queens, kings, jacks and jokers. Thanks for the input! :D
  16. The blue ones scream brutality. If the red was darker, like blood, I would go for those.
  17. I really like the red one and the first black n white one. Good stuff.
  18. My GOODNESS, those are gorgeous.

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