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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Deadone3455, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. how it going everyone. . . . .i got into flourishing a few months ago and since then have spent anywhere from 1-5 hours a day learning new flourishes and perfecting what i learned

    im looking to get a DVD or something to teach me more but im not sure what to get. . . .the trilogy by Dan and Dave. . . .Dangerour or Lethal by daniel madison. . . .Genesis by Dan and Dave. . . .or perhaps a DVD by someone that i didnt list. . . .

    so far i can do:
    Revolution, Charlier, Werm, Sybil, Resolve(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoIQ-p-51QY) and a bunch of stuff me and a friend made up

    thanks for your help and hopefully ill get a good amount of responses
  2. Genesis by Andrei Jikh (not dan and dave)

    It's easily where I would go next. I wish it was around when I started.
  3. Genesis only helped me by teaching me things I could use in my own flourishes, or refining little cardistry techniques I was doing properly. It doesn't teach actual flourishes, in the sense I think you're looking for. But I still recommend it. As far as new DVDs, Chris Hestnes is going to have a flourishing DVD called Papercuts which should be available @ D&D's site when it comes out soon. I would wait for that, his style is smooth-flowing and can be done slowly, and still look just as beautiful.
  4. If you enjoy the sybil and the revolution cuts, Daniel Madison's flourishes are perfect for you. If you like D&D's style, which is unique in a sense, Trilogy will do just fine. Either DVD will last you a long while. Genesis is a platform for not just beginners to start cardistry, but also refining and adding some flare into some flourishes you already know.
  5. according to what he said, he's only been in cardistry for a few months. I think it's too early to move on to something like Papercuts, which seems to be pretty complex. The thing to do now is to master these moves by themselves, that way it's easier when you take up bigger routines. The teaching is something every beginner will absolutely need. It's perfect. And when you have these moves down it will be easier to follow the less detailed explanations for some flourishing dvds. The Trilogy is hard to follow for me even. you have to pause. read the text at the top... then the bottom... middle. I still say he ought to wait and just work on Genesis. Master it, then move on. If he has the money, get a flourishing dvd in addition to it so he can learn some routines. Also, Genesis sort of promotes originality. Just something about the teaching makes you develop your own style.
  6. thanks everyone, ill start with the fact that i am extremely low on cash and getting 50$ is a challenge right now.

    and i have gone through the forum section on here but by going off of someones reply to someone else who could be at a different difficulty stage i wouldnt be getting the information i thought i needed.

    i meant 'the system" not genesis...my bad hahah

    i got the free download of BLOOD by daniel madison as well as the free download for "madness" i decided to go through the D+M shop to see if there was anything that i could get for low price but learn a lot.....i came across this


    let me know what you think

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