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  1. I am looking for a deck to buy on Theory 11. Please tell me a good deck to buy.:):)
  2. I might buy Black tycoons
  3. I think the more important question to ask is why?
    Are you collecting?
    Are you performing with this deck?
    What design and color do you like?
    Is cost a factor?

    Without any of that information it is quite difficult to steer you one way or another.
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  4. Any Theory11 deck is a solid choice. Just pick a design/color you like and go for it. Or if you want a nice deck with a hidden puzzle inside I recommend the NPH deck.
  5. I recommend the Artisan deck and the Nationals deck
  6. i am collecting.
    I like any color
    I preform with it
  7. Thank you
  8. Really whatever you like the design of most. Tamer back designs are better for performing I have heard. So maybe try Monarchs or Aristocrats (if I recall their backs correctly).

    If it doesn’t matter to you, go wild and pick what you like. Perhaps even supporting a charity along the way!
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  9. thank you i just got green monarch for my birthday
  10. Probably not a popular opinion since this is the T11 forums but... if you already have a few T11 decks, how about trying decks from other companies to compare how they feel and how much you like them?

    If you want T11 decks then I'd go for one that gives to a charity. Added bonus is that I think all of those decks look great.

    If not then I'd go for a "pair" of decks like Artisan white + black or Monarchs red + blue. I love having 2 similar decks with different colors. There are some nice effects you can do with that and for performing I find that having a constant look from deck to deck helps remove any spectator suspicion that your decks are rigged.
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  11. Monarchs!
  12. Oh I also like the SNL cards they are very cool.
  13. While counterintuitive on the T11 forums, this is a good point. Look up top lists, compare and contrast them. Heck, your favorite pack of cards could be a random Bikes design. I started card magic back up by grabbing a pack of archangels. Granted I didn’t know they were T11 at the time.

    It all comes down to what feels the best to you and what you intend to do. Unfortunately you have to experiment and that costs... but with safe bets that people have suggested, you’ll be able to feel out what you want in cards over time.

    Color paired monarchs or artisans are a great start. Aristocrats are great value + performance and of course the charity decks as mentioned.
  14. Blue monarchs are some of my favorites, but handling-wise, T11 decks are about the same quality, so just look at what's available, and decide what really catches your eye! Maybe you could share some you're looking at in particular.
  15. I like the Contraband deck. Very visually pleasing. The Artisans are very nice, as well. The Ellusionist black cards such as the Black Tigers or Shadow Masters are a good choice.
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