What decks have you been using lately?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by James555, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Hi guys just a fun little thread just to find out what deck or decks you've been using a lot lately
    Feel free to share
    Personally I've been using tally's a lot

    Explain why you like that/those particular decks ;)
  2. I've been using my White Lions a fair bit lately. Forgot about them for a bit, and came back to them and realised how good they are :) But for extensive/rigorous use, I got Tally-Ho Fan Backs ;)
  3. Can't take my hands off green artifice. The design screams mystery and magic to me. I've had a few random people comment on how good they look.
  4. Aristocrats. I absolutely adore the dullness of the backs, and of the yellows on the court cards. It has a nice refinement and reservedness about it.
  5. The cards I've been using for the past in order of usage

    v5 (the same deck for the past 6 months- still handles like i just opened it
    smith back no. 2- still my favorite cards
  6. I use whatever deck I happen to be reviewing. So in this case Sentinels. When I am taking a break from card abuse(errr...I mean reviewing) there are two decks I come back to.

    For flourishes and walk around(in hands style) card magic I like Fournier 605s. They are stiffer and snappier than anything in the USPCC line, they have a very precise cut, and they are far and away the most durable cards on the planet(paper cards at least.)

    When I want to do gambling and table magic nothing beats Aristocrats. I don't care what kind. The D&D Expert at the Card Table, the T11 Stingers, or the recent re-release of the Banknotes. They are all good!

    Now there is one deck of cards that is boring as sin to look at but "feel" indescribably good. I can tell by the feel that they are probably not a very durable card but they feel so nice I made the decision NOT to do one of my durability reviews on them. I want to keep them for myself! Those cards are the Richard Turner Gold Seal Bikes. I save those for those practice sessions where I really want to treat myself.
  7. I think I am in LOVE with the Artifice V2 Blue cards. Wow...insane design, nice border, and just screams class. One downfall is these cards are EXTREMELY slippery and need broken in a bit to slow them down. They fan and farrow awesome as well. These are what I am currently using this week.
  8. Need to get my hands on them, but lots of other things are taking priority right now :(. Hows the longevity for them?
  9. Currently, it's Tally's. But I normally just use Bikes. Most gaffs come in bicycles, they are familiar to an audience, and just feel like quality. If I pull out my Guardians, I feel like their just gonna be like "trick cards." I've stopped buying custom decks because I feel they really are not that worth it.
  10. Custom cards are great and they are supposed to perform a lot better than standard decks
    Although I believe that tallys are the closest thing a standard deck can get to a custom deck.

    But yes I agree that some custom cards are suspicious but some aren't eg. Smoke and mirrors v4-6
    And if you want something that handles better than tallys, custom decks are the way to go
    Plus they are fun to collect and a dream to use
  11. Just normal Tally`s for cardistry.
  12. I use bee club specials without ever feeling the need to change, they are exactly what i need, no more no less. Recently i had some commitments which required me to perform more than just gambling routines, i had to perform magic, which i haven't done in about a year. So i picked up some of the world poker tour 2004 cards. They are still the same stock and finish, but with a border. They aren't suspicious at all, quite the opposite, i would say ,"I use these cards from the world poker tour so you know they are on the level". I dont use modern custom cards but i do collect them. Usually just buying one or two of each.
  13. True, custom cards can handle better. I'm not saying I don't have any, because I have quite a decent amount of custom cards. At school it wasn't a problem to have custom cards when performing for friends because it was casual and they were just like "oh those are cool!" but when I'm performing at my restaurant, Tally's and Bikes are what I use because they just seem better for me. I understand that certain cards can fit better in certain environments, like if you're more of a darker or serious guy, you might use black tigers. But those just SCREAM trick cards to an audience in my opinion.
  14. No no I completely agree with you :)
    Although I'd never use a deck that is all black in a performance just because it is too suspicious, but maybe on Halloween or something like that.
  15. Yeah I get that. I'm not knocking custom cards, because I'll fiddle with them every now and then. But for performances, I stick with Tallys or Bikes. I'll probably order some Monarchs and Aristocrat's soon (mainly for points for the holiday contest haha) but also they'll be nice to see on my shelf.
  16. this week ive been using tally hos 125 aniversarryrs and guardians!
  17. i use aristocrats for practice, tallies for general use, and bikes when i'm not at home and don't want to get my other decks dirty.
  18. How durable are the aristocrats?
  19. As a general rule cards on an Aristocrat stock are a little less durable than something on a bike stock. Aristocrat stock is very similar (possibly the exact same) stock as the stock on a Bee club special. The biggest difference is in the cut and the finish. It will have a more precise cut, thus faro and shuffle with greater ease and precision. So basically, you get Aristocrats for greater precision and out of the box quality, not necessarily for durability. If you are really into gambling demos this is really the top of the line but if you are doing more traditional card magic, or you are looking for a tough deck that will survive months of practice, there are better cards on the market for that stuff.
  20. the bicycle black ghost deck is probably my Favourite at the moment :)

    are the monarchs a good deck for general use??

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