What do all of you here at T11 think of the prices?

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    What do tou guys think of the prices for magic tricks here at t11? it would be interesting to know. I wouldnt be suprised if got banned for this.
  2. umm i think they are pretty fair...
    and no you are not going to get banned for this we dont roll like that here at T11
  3. fair
    not cheap/not expensive
    free shipping would be nice, i would order alot more stuff
  4. If you think you'd get banned for this, then you clearly haven't had much experience with T11. Go check out the forum "rules". You'll see what I mean.

    I personally feel the prices are just about right, except for the 1-on-1's, which on the most part are amazing value. I've noticed that it is more frequent to see higher priced videos now, though, which don't hit the same wow-thats-awesome-value-for-money-ness factor, but I'm sure are still definitely worth it if it's the kind of thing you are looking for.

  5. i got banned a couple of minutes a go so thats bs.

    I personally think that the prices are fair if you compare them to ellusionist which is a real scamsite according to me. But there is some sort of download fee here at t11 and i reallt dont like that.
  6. There's no download fee...

  7. Well, I dont think DD is fair.
  8. What was your other account?

  9. those coins cost like 70 bucks at Jamie Schoolcrafts site. DD is a steal.
  10. What price do you put on the ability to share something wonderful with everyone you meet?

    How much money do you stand to make from using these ideas?

    How much happiness do you stand to get out of performing these ideas?

    If you performed any one of these tricks just once a year for the rest of your life, how much would it cost you per moment?

    To a pro, a good idea is priceless. To a true amateur - someone who loves the art - the investment in something that brings them happiness is small.

    Just a way of looking at things.

    Brad Henderson
  11. You won't get banned for speaking your mind here. Don't worry it's not North Korea lol. Also we don't care if women learn or go to school. :D I think prices here are reasonable.
  12. They're fair. Nothing cheap which is good because then even a layman would buy it. And they won't make us broke.

    But maybe like if you order $75 worth of stuff then you gut 50% off shipping or free shipping.

    And don't worry about getting banned. You are just asking people their honest opinions so if you are going to go down we all will too because we responded with our thoughts. But don't worry. I've spoken to all the moderators and they're pretty cool and don't mind opinions.
  13. yeah shipping is a little expensive unless you get the standard method but other than that I think the tricks are way to CHEAP some of these tricks should be twice the price just my opinion
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    Just a quick note regarding the user who posted this thread. He was banned for violating rules against exposure, as well as for spamming the forums. Do note that the user was not banned because of this thread, but due to prior violations.

    As you guys know, you are more than welcome to provide constructive criticism about any facet. In the end, that is how we improve. If you have any further inquiries please contact a moderator or staff member.

    I will however leave this thread open since the topic is 100% acceptable and I would like to see the rest of the thoughts everyone has on the matter.

    Thanks for your understanding,
    TDA, RA69, & JTM
  15. I think that the prices are great since the Dvd quality is amazing.Shipping is good too.:)
  16. The prices are pretty good to me. Only the shipping is really expensive.
  17. They're fair. As others have stated, free shipping would be nice.
  18. lol. You guys complaining about local shipping?

    Imaging the cost for us, its pretty high.

    Apart from that, Decks, 1-on-1's and tricks are all pretty good value I think.

    Witness is the only one maybe a little bit too expensive, but they dont hide the fact you can get it cheaper as pdf.

    The quality is incredible aswell.
  19. ...

    Most of the time the prices are great... but since im an international guy... that means a lot more expensive shipping =S so a 60 + order ends up being a 100 order @_@
  20. I think the prices here are pretty well set.
    It wouldn't hurt to have $15 DVD's every now and then, you know?
    I am satisfied though.

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