What do you answer when somebody asks: How do you do that?

What do you answers?
Do you say that you got biten by a fairy and received magical powers?Do you say that ''if you tell you will have to kill them''? Do you gave away the secret?
Most people say that casually, some dont even really want to know.
Is just natural to ask.
What do you guys say?

(Sorry for the bad inglish im brazilian)
Feb 1, 2009
Manchester, UK.
I normally use the same line,

Me: "Can you keep a secret?"
Them: ".... Yes"
Me: "Good, so can I"

But if they seem truly interested in learning magic I will direct them where to start.
Mar 6, 2008
A Land Down Under
My opinion has changed so much on this topic. Originally when I was doing primarily magic I would steal the Greg Wilson line

'very well.'

However now days I want people the know how I do an effect. Well not the method but the false explanation that I spoon feed them. Things like reading body language little tells etc or influencing someone's decisions, possibly having some super human memory. As long as it is plausible and the audience accepts my lie I am happy. This however is not the frame work I give with all my routines, if they believe the early pieces in a show then when I get to the more 'psychic' themed pieces all I have to say is that I have found a technique to replicate it and then the audience will believe it.

Now I usually get people wanting to know how to exactly do the pieces that I give the false explanations to rather than the things like blind fold routines and drawing duplications. And to that I just tell them to work on their memory or watch intently when talking to someone.
Nov 10, 2008

I usally tell them that i fact i didn't do much, i've only played with theyr imagination and perception, and that in fact i'm just a tool, they're the reel magician's and that they alredy know the secret. Therefore you simply change the subject :p
Nov 10, 2008
Upstate NY
I usually say...
Fine, I'll do it in slow motion, and pretend to put it in m,y pocket, or on my shoulder, or even on the crotch of my ear... It usually gets a good laugh!
Feb 27, 2008
Grand prairie TX
Just say "im one of them(as in T.H.E.M).

But honestly though if they seriously asking me and its not just a reaction I say "I didnt.."
Its not necessarily a lie because I didnt really do what they saw me do.
Get it?
Jun 30, 2008
Usually I don't get this question too often but I suaully say "very well" or "with a deck of cards, any more questions?" if it's cards or "can you keep a secret?... good, so can I"
Nov 16, 2008
In the not to distant future
there are a couple of ways to answer this question. Most of the time, you can get away with replying "very well, thank you" Other ways is to do something quickly like a card to pocket. it would go something like this - you want to know how to do these tricks, well if i take you card and snap *card vanishes* the magic happens and it appears in your pocket.
or you could just stare blankly at your hands and say I have absolutely no idea.
In all honesty, they shouldn't ask you how.
May 31, 2008
Usually when they ask, it's not really a question, just something that blurts out. Usually I just say, "Did you like that?" or "Do you want to see something else."
Sep 1, 2007
Great answer... lol
I will steal that line :D

Oh. OK.

It's not like I spend any time or effort coming up with things that work for me in my performances, anyway.

Coming up with your own material is overrated anyway...
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