What do you do for your opening trick?

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  1. hey everyone. i was wondering what do you do for an opening effect. i usually do a nice simple effect like the one below. but what do you like to do?

  2. I open with a card sequence that is less than 10 seconds, which gives me enough time to establish credibility to my audience. Mainly consisting of something visual.
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    I just wish you knew that the move you did is a Mexican Turnover, and that it looked completely whack. Why would you follow through and move your hand/arm an extra foot and a half after flipping the card over? Is that to cover the fact that you can't do it smoothly?

    In either case, it's an alright opener. I like to start with a pen trick, one by Gregory Wilson, usually. Then I break out the cards.
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    Okay, removing the link to your video doesn't help with exposure. Just stop exposing magic altogether. You are exposing moves that you did not create and they are not yours to teach. Exposure is very frowned upon here. Don't just remove the link, remove the videos, and don't expose. It's just morally wrong. Also, posting the same thread twice is very annoying and people tend to get annoyed by that here.

    Oh yeah, please don't lower the pitch on your videos to make it sound like you have a deeper voice. It just makes you sound creepy.
  5. What are you talking about. What pitch on my voice. I'm not like 20 you know. I have a life and only do magic for fun. I just perform for a few people and that's it. I'm only 14 years old. Anyways right now I'm sick if that's what is making me sound "creepy". I like criticism but this was just mean. If you don't have a constructive criticism comment to say then don't say it. Don't go around making fun of people.
  6. I removed the link for exposure. And I agree. Exposing magic is a terrible thing to even think about doing. It rips the creator of money that he lives off of.
  7. hooray for casey! +1
  8. I watched your first video, and there was definitely some type of effect done to your voice in order to deepen it. That's what I'm talking about. And I'm don't have a problem with you doing magic at all. Magic is a great hobby and I'm glad that you want to do that. I'm not making fun of you at all by the way. I don't see what gave you that impression. And for now, my criticism is to be stop posting threads twice and stop exposing magic that isn't yours. If you do that, I will probably start giving you advice for your actual magic but right now, it appears as though you are just revealing magic in order to get more subscribers.

    It's simple. Don't reveal magic. I guarantee you that people on these forums will treat you with more respect if you do and they will give you honest advice on your magic.
  9. Oh yeah and just a heads up, there's another version of this thread that still has this link up. Just an fyi.
  10. +1 for the +1 for Casey.
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    +1 for the +1 for the +1 for Casey.



    Anyways, it'd be best if you stopped posting videos which have a combined tutorial of moves that aren't yours. Furthermore, I would practice your sleights like a double lift and a top change, since they're two of the most important sleights to have ever been devised. Fundamentals before ambitious moves is a great way to go.

    At the very least, make two separate videos. One for the exposure you have to do and one for the part we actually care to see. If you want to keep exposing stuff at all. Option 1 sounds better then this, but I can't force you to do anything and I won't bother.
  12. I've already PMd him about the exposure deal. Let's hope this doesn't happen again!
  13. Does this mean that we are cheating Erdnase out of money? Since the Mexican Turnover is published in EATCT and is public domain. How many people nowadays expose the two handed pass...?
  14. He's posted tutorials on other things as well; wasn't talking specifically about this one in general.
  15. OP: Have you tried a personality? It's a miracle worker.
  16. Where can I buy one of that? Is it sold at the ellusionists?
  17. can I get this on DVD? Because I'm a visual learner and don't like reading...

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