What do you do outside of magic?

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  1. I'm just curious to what people do besides magic, if you're a professional magician what are your hobbies? if not what's your full time job?

    I'll start, Aside from magic i'm into:
    Juggling, (and other assorted circus acts such as; cigar boxes and contact juggling)
    Speed cubing,
    Martial arts, (kung fu)
    Parkour and freerunning,
    Viola and piano. (not well)

    What about you?
  2. Classical mythology
    Model railroading (n-scale)
    World of Warcraft
  3. I'm a screenwriter and digital video auteur. Kind of a control freak so I write, direct, edit and score everything myself. I sometimes wonder if this is going to cause me to have a stroke before I turn 50.

    I'm also a musician. I write my own music, primarily in rock and metal, and play guitar (badly) and am currently training in vocals.

    I've had an interest in cooking for a while now and am discovering a newfound love of Thai cuisine. Along those lines, I've thought about getting a home-brewing kit and make my own beers and maybe some mead as well.

    I used to train in martial arts (Tae Kwan Do and Shaolin Kung-Fu) but dropped out of that during high school. I was thinking of getting back into it and in particular I'm interested in learning capoeira and Aikido. I also know a guy who teaches ninjutsu out of his backyard so I might take him up on lessons.

    I've been experimenting a little with Photoshop as well, designing new graphics and playing with different visual effects.

    On weekends I'm trying to learn Spanish. I love languages and would love to eventually be a polyglot. I'm hoping to join an ethnic social club in town so I can learn to speak Slovak and visit the Old Country. I've actually memorized dialog from Civilization V phonetically because I loved the way things like Hawaiian and Koine Greek and Nahuatl and Welsh sound.

    And of course I'm also a massive nerd. At rest I'm either reading a book, watching a movie, listening to music or playing a game. I've been reading a lot of Edgar Rice Burroughs and Richard Matheson lately. I've been on a huge symphonic metal binge for the last couple months. I own a large collection of Kurosawa DVDs from the Criterion Collection (I've seen Seven Samurai at least 10 times). And I've sunk more hours into the Mass Effect trilogy than I care to relate.
  4. Right now, I'm really interested in website UI design and I also want to get more into cinematography.
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    Professionally I'm an actor and business owner - and occasionally perform with cards.

    I'm most well-known for an online show called "The Guild", starring Felicia Day. My three businesses are a marketing firm, a New Media production company, and an acting school that I manage.

    I cook avidly, have studied Karate, Monkey Boxing and Krav Maga with an interest to expand into San Soo and others. I study Danish and Swahili. I write, and enjoy hiking and rock climbing.

    I like to study ancient history (specifically Mesopotamian, Greek, Egyptian and Mesoamerican culture), world religion and mythology, physics (mostly theoretical physics and the applications of advanced mathematics - though I'm not all too great at math).

    I enjoy studying the mind, people, relationships and society. I'm also a medical and survival nerd - I hoard and intently study any and all information I can get about survival, emergency response, and medical know-how. This includes a passion for the subjects of nutrition science and alternative medicine.

    I'm also a novice (we're talking novice) piano player and singer.

    When time permits, I love to game. I mostly play console (love the Mass Effect and Elder Scrolls series, also currently playing some Battlefield 3). On PC I mostly play Blizzard titles, specifically Starcraft 1 & 2 (HotS is BOSS!)

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    Sports (Swimming, cycling, table tennis, tennis and football/soccer)
    Art (observational and real life drawing)
    Graphic design (I'm a beginner)
    I'm also learning how to juggle and solve a cube
    Other than that magic is my life ;D
  7. Usually juggling, toss and contact, unicycling, rubiks/other puzzles, reading and piano, though this year all of my hobbies have suffered from my now limited time schedule.
  8. Hmmm, there's a lot of stuff.
    Well, I've been doing magic and hypnosis for a living lately, but apart from that I graduated medical school to become a registered nurse.
    I graduated Sports Academy to be a certified Basketball coach.
    I'm into fitness, I've been working out for 7 and a half years now, and I've been working as a personal trainer.
    I'm also a certified Casino Dealer, and have been working in a casino in the past.
    Right now I'm acting for some TV projects, and I used to act in the theater, so I'm also an actor.
    I used to write poems, and actually won some competitions in it. I used to play piano as an amateur.
    I also used to draw and design logos and shirts.
    I love psychology and I'm studying it on my own. Body language, emotions, facial expressions, human behavior, etc.
    I love reading books, both educational and fictional.
    I love watching movies, especially thrillers and horrors.
    I love playing video games, and I used to be really good at them, winning major tournaments and competitions.

    If I remember something else, I'll add to the list :)
  9. I love this forum because I love learning about new people, outside of magic I go to school and I absolutely love digital graphics i'm almost fluent in Photoshop, After effects, Illustrator I love editing photos and videos, I do a little bit of HTML programming for website or I design web pages. I play football and soccer for my high schools team, as learning goes i'm really into history I love learning about the 1900 to end of WWII range and I love cinematograph, along with that I want to go to get a doctorates degree in Psychology I was into psychology and the idea of interacting with others before I started magic and I would love to minor in Business.
  10. Wow, great idea for a thread. Some really interesting back stories to a lot of you guys.

    // G
  11. I dropped the job with Sea World due to inconsistent hours and a better job rolled down the hill. Now I work as a Fraud analyst for a major bank. I still work in the haunted house industry as a costume designer and set fabricator. But as far as hobbies go, I've taken a liking to collecting antique firearms as well as markmanship. Not very magical but eh, that is what I enjoy.
  12. I'm a pianist. Photographer. When I can I do enjoy studying psych (as it is my major) and strange topics. Don't look at my internet history... I also work out quite a bit, as its pertinent to my job and my goals in life. Due to the hours i work, its hard to find "extra time". So when I'm off, usually the easiest thing to do is watch a movie... So movies have definitely become a Passion of mine.
  13. Right now I rock climb and play soccer. I was about to join track and pole vault, but I loved soccer and rock climbing too much to give one up. I used to play piano, clarinet, and saxophone, but stopped all of them. Piano was my favorite and I played for six years. I wanted to play harmonica as well, but my band teacher wouldn't let me. As for now, my life is school, soccer, rock climbing, and magic.
  14. I'm pretty much a magic nerd. Live and breathe it as I'm making it into my career. I used to do lots of amateur dramatics, and have done and still model occasionally.

    I do enjoy comedy and love watching it live, and i love reading non-fiction. I'm also a bit of a fan of Batman and Star Wars, although it is more of something i enjoy taking an occasional interest in rather than being a die hard fan. I also enjoy playing on consoles, and I love cooking, it is definitely a passion.

  15. You know, Vinnie, this whole time I've been thinking, "Why does that dude look so familiar?" The Guild. Duh, Christopher. I even recall an article about you now.


    I play various instruments in a very casual way (electric Bass guitar, HAPI drum, ocarina, various percussion stuff, and thinking about getting a concertina) I 'sing' but really only to myself. While I've been told I have a decent voice when I put the effort into it, I'm far too scarred by past experiences to actually sing for a crowd I think. Same goes for dancing.
    I used to study Aikido quite avidly and I'm looking to get back into that.
    I casually study languages as well. Currently I've been working on Irish, but it's slow going due to an annoying schedule and other concerns. Luckily my schedule settles down next week so I can get to it. I've also studied French (4 years in high school), Spanish (2 years in high school, 1 year in college), Japanese (1 year in college) and German and Esperanto on my own.
    I write a lot as an exercise in creativity with the hopes of publishing a novel in the future. Mostly fiction and the occasional terrible poetry.
    I anger myself with attempts at drawing somewhat frequently, but they never go well and I always vow to give it up.
    I manage a circus troupe.
    I spin poi and fire staff, juggle, contact juggle, practice acrobatics and partner acrobatics, I've done hat tossing/catching, whip displays, knife throwing, sharp shooting.
    I sew and knit on a small scale as well as design my own costumes with the help of my girlfriend these days.
    I read much less than I wish I could. Urban fantasy, steampunk, high fantasy and general fiction/literature being my main stays. Lots of non-fiction as well, everything from physics to history to psychology. I've been plowing through Malcolm Gladwell's books lately, as well as Sleights of Mind in between Game of Thrones and Night Circus.
    I watch a fair amount of movies and some TV. Currently been into Game of Thrones, Doctor Who (The reboot, haven't gotten to the original 8 doctors), Sherlock, Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares and Top Gear (UK). Oh, and I watch Lost Girl with my girlfriend because reasons.
    I cook a lot and enjoy it. I never went to school for it, though I did consider doing so. Entirely self taught.
    I bar tend as well and am certified. I also know a fair amount about liquor itself and I enjoy researching it. I have been considering getting into home brewing.
    I'm a bit health-focused, exercising and eating healthy. I enjoy how I feel physically when I'm in shape so I exercise to get that.
    I am also into the steampunk scene and like to go to events for that. Oh, and I do Renn Faires.
    I can't think of anything else right now.
  16. Word up! Thanks for watching, mate. :D

  17. No kidding. I've thought about watching that, but it keeps slipping off my radar. Okay, I admit, I've been plowing through my Twilight Zone boxed set for like the 4th time.

    I'm working on getting my own production company off the ground. Between student loans and the difficulty finding gigs... I'm not gonna lie, it's been a difficult road.

    Out of curiosity, have you read Neil Strauss's book "Emergency" yet?

    Who would you say are your three favorite filmmakers in the genre?

    I suspect my browsing history has put me on every federal watchlist in existence. That's the only explanation I can think of for why I get "randomly selected" at airports every time that doesn't involve racism.

    Oh my god, those are so cool. I had a roommate who played in a rhythm combo in college and he was thinking of getting one of those. I'm really into Peter Gabriel so I find myself thinking more and more about how to use unusual instruments to create unique effects in my music.

    Admittedly, some day I'd like to learn how to play and experiment with an eigenharp or a tenori-on. For the time being, I'm budgeting some cash to buy specific pieces of equipment to get the exact tone I want for one of my projects. I'm such a perfectionist that I know I want the guitar parts to be all played with Steinberger guitars through a Hughes & Kettner stack. I'm going to have to learn music production along the way because I sure as hell can't afford to hire someone. I consider this a side-effect of my Type O Negative influence. Peter Steele once said, "We produce all of our own work ourselves. It gives us more control. Also, if we got a producer, we'd have to pay him and there goes my drug money for the year. That can't happen." Rest in peace you crazy SOB.

    Two of my big projects right now are a web series called Silence, which is horror and thriller vignettes with no dialog, and a virtual band called Bone Daddy and the Skeleton Crew, which is sort of Gorillaz crossed with Clerks and Being Human if it were a sitcom instead of a drama.

    Just so it doesn't seem like I'm trying to monopolize the conversation, I thought I'd provide some links. These are all sites that offer, for lack of a better term, adventures. Lots of sports and action activities, classes, retreats, that sort of thing. Really cool stuff. If I can meet my financial goals by the end of this month, I'm planning on rewarding myself with a Thai cooking class.
  18. I've got the slim model, tuned to G Akebono for the weird meditative sound. I want to get the UFO and the mini as well, but that's a huge investment that I just don't have.
  19. I love sport, mainly playing squash and football, with some tennis every now and then. I used to be very much into ping-pong, playing tournaments etc, unfortunately boarding school got in the way of that,
    I play violin, its been 8 years now.
    I enjoy singing, specifically acapella.
    Literature-wise, I used to be a big fantasy fan, I've recently become more interested in books grounded in present day topics: Bounce by Matthew Syed or The Secret Race by Tyler Hamilton for instance. I do love Jules Verne though.
  20. Reading through this list kind of got to me in that I was once a bit deep into the Martial Arts world and doing stunt work as well as enjoying the love of rather large circus critters (a wide range)

    Magic is something that is such an intricate part of my life that it is a challenge to find things outside of it that I do in that most everything I do connects back to my passion in this craft and I mean the whole of Magic not just Mentalism. Nonetheless, the other passions in my life include a study of Religion and Philosophy with the historical view being my forte and the issue of Prophecy the second leg of said venture.

    My "Day Jobs" include a great deal of free lance writing as well as my very part-time work as a Reader/Numerologist and Public Speaker.

    I do a small amount of volunteer work in the area when it comes to the local Food Bank, Helping the Newly Disabled learn how to work with their powerchairs, and most importantly, helping such people realize that they are alive and able to create a positive role for themselves within society and enjoy life in the fullest. . . god knows this can be a major challenge for people sometimes.

    I love my games. . . first person shooter mainly (WWII themes usually) but I have that nostalgic weakness for my Star Wars adventures as well.

    I'm still a big animal lover and enjoy my two fury room mates; Bohdi (2 year old) and Spookie (13 year old) . . . my feline companions and probably some of the best medicine I've had in my life in the past few years.

    I am a tinkerer and with my trusty Dremel in hand, I love plying my hand at various crafts, prop making, etc.

    Oh! I nearly forgot my other strange companions. . . I make puppets; it's something I've done since I was a kid.

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