What do you do with ad cards?

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  1. What do you do with the cards that are in a deck?

    I personally don't throw them away - but I never use them.

    What do you do?
  2. I use them to practice palms and color changes, because if it is an expensive deck, I don't want to accidentally bend the regular cards before I learn the moves.
  3. I keep them to use them as 'training cards'. I do a lot of trips in cars and sometimes I have 10 hours of trips, I use them as training cards to practise 1 card twirls, 2 card twirls and some flourishes that requieres only a few cards. When the cards become to be old after an hour straight of training I replace them with others add cards. This way I don't use great cards to learn a twirl where I sure to let the cards fall.
    Here I gave the exemple of a car trips but you can do the same in your room knowing that the cards will also fall on the ground.
  4. Recently, I've started using them to practice routines that require a card to be crimped. That allows me to practice them while still maintaining a full deck of uncrimped cards.
  5. I usually use them to practise TnR effects;
    I also perform with these cards when I have them with me - and I often do...
  6. There is an effect in the July Linking Ring that uses the ad cards.
  7. David Regal has a routine with a full deck of add cards in Approaching Magic. So, while you save up for the book, you can also save up those ad cards to do the routine ;)
  8. HINT: get yourself some really fine grade sandpaper or a course draftsman's eraser and use this to remove the front printing from the card so you have a blank that can be used in a given routine. . .

    Practice in how to split cards using these extras, so you can learn to make your own double-facers or double-backs, etc.

    Use them to wind your IT lines after you've stripped them out, for storage (halved cards work wonders).

    Use them to keep pre-cut daubs of sticky (magician's) wax so you have a quick "index" form of access.

    If you want to be a Magician you must think more about the "tricks of the trade vs. the trade of tricks". . .
  9. Does that work..?
  10. I normally use an eraser and sometimes rubber cement to life the ink off of cards.
  11. Eugene Burger suggests using steel wool I think to blank out cards ...
  12. That's probably better than the sandpaper in that requires a very light touch and very fine grade paper which can still scar the paper.

    I've never heard of the Rubber Cement technique, will have to check that one out.
  13. rubber cement was a fluke. I was making cards got some on the face and pulled off the ink
  14. Sometimes accidents give us wonderful things, like Post It notes. . .
  15. I like Paul Harris's Cincinati Blues effect. It uses an advertisement card. I've heard of routines with the calendar cards in Bee's as well.
  16. I think the old Scarne books on cards, actually had a routine or two that used these "extra" cards as well as jokers (which many do not count as being part of a deck). It might be worth looking at.
  17. paul harris' Cincinati Blues is worth checking out in art of astonishment book 2
    it is something i do whenever i use a borrowed deck that has ad cards

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