What do you look for in a new trick?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RickLax, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. So many tricks are sold with the line, "This trick has been in my act for ten years," or something like that. I'm curious if that's a big selling point for a lot of you. I ask because I heard it said ALL the time--not necessarily on t11, but lots of places--and when I hear it, I often think to myself, 'Yeah, but that doesn't mean it's any good. Some magicians perform the same crappy tricks for decades.' Also, I wonder if the REALLY good tricks have a way of getting out. In other words, if a trick is super-revolutionary, wouldn't you think it'd be impossible for a performer to keep it to himself for a decade? (Especially now, with the Internet...) So might the ten-year thing actually be a red flag (as opposed to a selling point)?
  2. I dont look for anything like that in a new trick. When i want to add something to my routine i usually know what im trying to achieve, 9 times out of ten i create a method myself, if not i find out if it has been done before in order to learn it. Now that being said, when i do figure out my own method, i STILL go and find out if it has been done before, which there nearly always has been even if mine is an almost completely different variation, the method or the effect is always somewhere. I think this research is necessary because the method is usually than mine. I have never added a 'next big thing' release to my act. Maybe this is off topic slightly. But it comes back to the point quite clearly, what i look for in an effect is a way to achieve or make better an effect i have in my head that i want to add to my act. I dont approve of instantly releasing stuff without audience testing, but i wouldn't judge a method just because it was invented yesterday, due to the fact that im usually looking for an alternative to a method i invented earlier that day! I hope this makes sense.

  3. I think it depends on a few things. I don't necessarily take the whole "been doing it for ten years" thing at face value. But I don't take any hype at face value. I read between the lines of ad copy.

    Who is the creator? Do they have a track record?
    Who is producing?
    When it comes to listed what the method isn't, what is being left out?
    Does it sound practical and like something I would do?

    When I watch a demo, even if I don't know how the trick is done, I can usually tell if it looks practical and doable.

    A lot of it is just common sense. We all know that what we're buying aren't true miracles. So if something looks totally amazing yet super angle sensitive, well, it probably is really angle sensitive.
  4. I like effects that nobody has been doing for last ten or twenty or thirty years.
  5. I enjoy things that are a little bit "outside of the box thinking" and are instant reset for strolling / table hopping. When I see these...I start to drool and get all excited....ok...maybe not that much but you get the point. I'm like David as well, things that nobody has seen in the past 20-30 years except some old guy at a convention who is nodding off in the corner.
  6. I try to imagine i am a layman, and if the effect looks incredible then i like it. If my magician eyes are also fooled, then even better. I also think that instant (or discrete) reset are important but not essential if the effect is a killer. Trailers and video cut to shreads are very popular these days so as above, i take no hype at face value. I don't care if it is reported that Jesus himself (no offence intended) performed this one ... it doesn't mean the effect is good (for me).

    I also prefer something that ends clean. It is very common for (perhaps drunk) folks today to lunge forward and grab a hand or object to verify that no trickery was taking place. (WTF?) but then ... perhaps i just need some better audience management.

    "things that nobody has seen in the past 20-30 years except some old guy at a convention who is nodding off in the corner." Good time to rummage through his pockets. :)
  7. Sounds like you've got the right guidelines. I'm pretty good about guessing how trick is done, but I can't tell whether something is practical or doable. I always seem to guess wrong. And I hear what you're saying about common sense and knowing that we're not buying miracles...but sometimes...gosh, the kid in me bubbles up and I WANT to believer that I really am buying the greatest thing in the history of the universe... But the BEST feeling for me is when I order a trick and my expectations are low and then I learn the method and discover that the trick actually has way more applications/fewer restrictions than I envisioned... Doesn't happen often, but does happen!

  8. If it's come from someone's act... First I determine if that person's act is worth looking into! But if it is, then it generally holds a lot more value for me than your average I thought of this 3 months ago stuff that gets put out all the time.

    Important things for me are:
    Is the effect congruent with my persona?
    Do the practical elements of the effect satisfy my performance requirements?
    Can the effect be modified to fit me without breaking the rhythm of the effect?

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