What do you look forward to the most?

Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by Jonathan2234, May 25, 2017.

  1. Not sure if i should be posting this here but it does relate to the Marketplace. I know there is an old thread somewhere about production quality etc.. I am mainly more curious if any of you have any tips on what you would like to see more in magic products being released? Also what kind of trailers do you prefer?

    I have talked to other magicians about this but i figured i would make a post here as well. I have an effect that some magicians are wanting to buy. A magic company was interested in releasing it but i disliked how they wanted to market it. I want to release it as a download only since you can make everything yourself. It felt to me that they were just trying to add extra to make more profit. Example: They mentioned possibly printing a deck of cards, when this effect if you even use cards...you can alter your deck yourself in a few minutes for nothing.

    Sorry bringing this up, but yes i may possibly release it here so i was curious what all you look forward to the most when buying a magic product. Since i most likely will release it here,unless another company gets back in contact with me. No idea when that will be and i am in no rush to release this so it will be later on.
  2. I prefer honest trailers that show the entire performance. I am not a fan of super edited and drawn out, over the top trailers. Something that shows the effect being performed. Honest and to the point :)

    As for the effect itself, it sounds interesting. Cannot wait!
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  3. Agreed. I am very budget minded when it comes to magic, so I have to choose what I get carefully.

    But a big thing I watch for is heavy editing. If I see you only shooting the trick from one angle, multiple cuts, use filler material.

    I'll dodge it like the plague.
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  4. I would prefer more of an honest trailer - a performance followed by what you are actually receiving. I am starting to hate magic trailers that give you an epileptic seizure and still have no punch line.
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  5. I actually may not be self producing that now..so will have no control over the trailer haha. Not sure yet but, i will keep all the replies in mind if i do any self releases :) Though about honest trailers, the main reason you don't see those anymore. Is because a lot of magicians now. If they can replay the trailer and figure it out, they won't buy it. A lot of magic is bought just because they don't know how it's done. Sad to say it but that's how the market is now.
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