What Do You Take With You?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheMagicianInvisible, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Hey,

    TMI here, and today I have a question for all of you. I'm going on holiday next week and I'm just sorting out what I'm taking with me, like decks and that sort of stuff. I was wondering when you go on holiday, what do you take with you?


    TMI :cool:
  2. I usually take a good book or two on magic to read while in the car or plane. Either something new or something I haven't read in a while. I also bring with me 1 trick that I want to work on. Other than that, MAYBE a deck of cards and or what ever I have pre-set up in my wallet.

    I try to really limit myself to a couple of things though, and little to no money gaffs! It would suck to forget a prop somewhere or worse, spending a 30 dollar magic coin on accident!
  3. I bring a deck of cards, and usually and old classic book to study. I'll usually load videos or podcasts onto my ipod as well for reference.
  4. I'm on holiday now, funnily enough. I brought 2 decks, an invisible deck, TOOL, and an omni deck.
  5. I don't understand the concept of bringing your own deck of cards with you when you go on vacation. Seeing has how Air ports sell decks of cards, grocery stores and so does Wal-mart of places like Tesco.

    Usually if I go on vacation, I tend to just bring a kindle with me and maybe a note book to write down general ideas and thoughts.
  6. Well, I suppose you can practice and perform to people
  7. I travel, a lot. In fact, that is an understatement. But I usually bring two decks of cards (because I buy them in bricks - just in case I need to break a window - to save money), coins (I have no fear of spending my walking liberties), a sharpie, and a pack of loops. I always have a journal with my carry on and I usually bring three books. I pack on the heavy side though because I am usually at a place for a month or more. If I were going for a week, I would bring two books. The rest of the stuff is light, taking little to no room at all.
  8. I usually carry what most of the other people carry with them. Loops, gimicked sticky note pad, nice pen, blank business cards, needles, and a nice outfit. I can have an entire show in my wallet and two pockets. I also carry a notebook for ideas and two books or so for inspiration.
  9. I'd definitely bring 2 packs of cards and a book as the bare minimum. I'd probably also take some loops, coins and a nice pen.
  10. If you are going to a hot country then you may want to buy a brick of Bicycle cards and bring about 6 of them. It's better to have too much than too little and there is a higher chance that the decks will get warped quickly. Also if you use certain decks for ACR's and don't mind ruining them then that can be one of your 6 decks- an ACR deck. Then a Chicago opener deck, etc. Also it has been mentioned before but an invisible deck. Have a good holiday!
  11. Thanks, I'll be going to Spain which can be 26 degrees in the shade, and what do you mean by ACR'S?
  12. Ah, I am going to Spain next week. And Ambitious Card Routine- it may sound a bit weird having a deck for ACR's, but because spectators often sign cards I find that it's good to separate decks that have signatures on. And if you get Bicycle decks from Costco I think that they are about £13, so it is not very costly. I may be the only one who does this though. I just think that it's best to have all signatures in one deck rather than changing decks often and then ending up with lots of signed (and therefore IMO ruined) decks.

    Also I think of this deck as a 'waste deck' in a way. It will usually be a deck which has been used before but not so much that the edges are dirty. The feeling of brand new cards is slippery and this is not great for DL's, which the ACR relies a lot on.
  13. It's an interesting idea to have an ACR deck, but why not give away the signed card? Granted I think a lot fewer spectators actually hang on to signed cards than we magicians would like to think, but to some they are a treasure and a great memory - ive never even thought about hanging on to their signed card. I just give them away and by the time I get to 2/3 of a deck from giving away cards, the deck is probably near the end of its life anyway - time to toss it and start anew. Just my opinion, im not right, its just right for me.
  14. A deck of cards is more than enough to play with. I dont perform on holidays because, well, im on holidays. Plus, if I clutter up my luggage with cards, Ill have less room for duty free sauce on the way home.
  15. This is what I am saying pretty much, have a deck you use for ACR's and then possibly give the card away. Instead of using lots of different decks and therefore having several decks which do not have 52 cards in them you will just have one with quite a few taken out.

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