What do you think a card magician should own?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by StevenLevitt, May 12, 2009.

  1. Obviously a deck of cards...

    Do you think a card magician should carry anything more with him?

    I would say business cards too...

    Now your turn, what should I card magician have with him at all times at a gig?
  2. Sharpie
    Odd Back Card
    3 Card Monte Set in his wallet
  3. -sharpie
    -odd back
    -plastic bag
    -extra bad ass gimmick deck (like 212215 or momento)
    -a pair of hands
    -mouth (for card to mouth)
    -good memory
    -original performance
    there's a whole list. i'll the others fill it.
    - Rebeol
  4. I would think a card magician should have a sharpie...balloons...dupes...david blaine(jk)...patter...hot femal assistant(jk again)...lighter...extra deck of cards, regular, diffrent colored backs...invisible deck,etc..double sided tape....coins....rubber bands...gaffed cards(blank faced...double backers..etc)...hope this helps!
  5. A good magician would carry a sleeping bag and marshmellows
  6. professionals- two decks and a sharpie (reason for 2, you are signing a bunch of cards and handing them out (assumed) deck will run thin soon.

    casual performer at a party etc. - a deck and a sharpie
  7. 1 deck, 2 hands.

  8. Deck of cards, Business cards, an utility gimmick (I use an invisible deck as an out),a good vibe and energy =D
  9. yea a sharpie or 2.
    2 decks of cards for performing
    one deck for replacing missing cards
    some gimmicks
  10. 1. A sharpie

    2. A deck of cards or two

    3. Any gimmicks. if your into that

    4. loops. should be with gimmicks but loops are great

    5. your mind/memory. horrible to forget a trick::cool:)
  11. I personally have a deck of cards and a sharpie. thats it. the simplier the better in my opinion.
  12. 1)Sharpie
    2)Zip lock/sandwich bags (just in case you're going to perform something requiring this)
    3) Extra deck
    4)Digicam (just in case u want a picture with ur spectator or video of your performance.)
    7)flash paper (I just feel like it)
  13. I carry a bag with an army of cards. I kinda like to show them off, and in many instances I let my specs pic a deck for a trick or offer to use one of their own if they have it. All examinable decks (most of them) are in the main compartment of my bag, those that are not are in a hidden compartment inside the main part so I don't have to worry about people with wandering hands and eyes.

    With that, I have a sharpie and a handful of decks prepped for tricks. (ie Invisible deck, gaff decks, and many other tricks ready like angle-Zero and the like.

    Oh, and an Advocate in your favorite deck of cards, ready at ALL times. Impromptu miracles will abound.

    I say lots of things because that is what I carry for gigs. In reality, it is up to you and your style. I also keep things ready for Rich Ferguson's Tagged at all times. I combine d+M's angle-Zero, Burn, and Rich's Tagged for one of the greatest reactions I EVER get. I don't carry an invisible deck often anymore because I have the Advocate, which gives me the ability to do the ID without a super gimmicked deck. Find what tricks you like, do well, and can get great reactions from, and build your routine, complete with alternates and outs, then find out what you need to carry. I have several routines ready, one which uses only a single deck and one that uses one deck and just supplies I can hide in my pockets.
  14. This would really depend on the routines you do, but here's a general list.

    A deck or two or twenty (I carry 1 or 2)
    Sharpie (if you do any tricks with a signed card)
    Gimmicks that you use (if any)
    Business cards (if you plan on have a job/business as a magician)
    Props if you use any (lighters, etc.)
    Coins, sponge balls, rubber bands, etc. (if you do any other type of magic as well)

    Notice, the only things were absolutely essential was a deck of cards
  15. gimmicks... but why?

    Why does everyone want gimmicks..? what's so cool about them.. they are usually weird props or just too much work.
  16. A shirt, shoes, pants, and a bible action figure.
  17. every sleight and flourish they can find....it really enhances your performance....i'm not a cardist...but i do know...knowledge of those are valuable...gimmicks will help..but imagine you can pull off every sleight there is known to man???
  18. If your a CARD magician, all you need is CARDS
  19. A manicure kit.

    Brad Henderson
  20. Man, I was rolling in the floor at bible action figure.

    I carry one deck, the Advocate, and two sharpies(but one is not "just" and sharpie). Also the deck is in a card clip, everyone needs a card clip, best magic investment I ever bought.

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