what do you think about "fake" jerry's nugget?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by inedhowetrust89, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. i bought fake JN couple weeks ago..
    and well..the box are so thick as card board...
    but the card not as bad as people said..
    they good as flourish but don't do tricks with sleight of hand with this card..
    i have playing around, testing how this cards, drop it to floor and other..

    the problem just the ink of the back of the card start to melt to other card, if i fan the cards you can see barely red ink in the border of the card...

    the border when they square up its a bit sharp, cause its only a card board..

    but overall not bad as a "FAKE"

    just want to know what do you think...

  2. A fake is Fake...no matter how good it is...
  3. nothin' wrong right..?
    still good overall:D
  4. From your description I'd say they sound pretty awful.

    May I ask how much you paid for them?
  5. Personally, I'm not a fan of Real Nuggets so...
  6. JN are the ugliest cards ever created in the entire history of playing cards. I could never understand why someone wants to use these, but I can understand selling them for ridiculous prices (as many magicians do).
    But, cmon, using FAKES of these ugly, ugly, ugly (did I mention UGLY?) cards...that`s something I´ll never understand^^
  7. reasonable prize...
  8. I also don't think they look appealing. They never seemed "beautiful" to me like various other decks... but I guess to each his own..
  9. I personally think Jerry Nuggets have one of the best card designs, coming behind Wynns and SMv5. I would pay a max of 30$ to get a replica, or fake as you guys call them, to have them to collected, or for your desk or what not, with out paying the 300$ for a real one.

  10. If you paid more than a dollar for knockoffs then you did NOT pay a reasonable price. They are FAKE. There is no reasonable price for fake cards whether they are Nuggets, Aladdins, or any other card you can buy knockoffs of on ebay. YOU GOT RIPPED OFF!
  11. Unless you just want to show off the backs without spending $400...
  12. But you are still spending $40 on a deck of cards that the ink will smear off of. It is a waste of money. I could buy 80 decks of Bikes for $40 at some Wal-Marts.
  13. Sorry this is slightly off topic but can you genuinely buy a bike for 50 cents? (i.e. 30 British Pence)? Or was that a little exaggerated?
  14. You can't get Bikes for 50 cents they are 2 decks for 99 cents. I have only seen these at one Wal-Mart near me but I have talked to others who have seen them as well.
  15. Bikes = 15$AUD here. :(

  16. Even know its a fake one.. they just like the back design. But I know a "card maniac" friend, he has 2 type of them : the Original and the Reprint. He know even it fake or not. Well I think its just for collector. No matter how it is. :)
  17. You guys aren't making any sense to me. THEY ARE FAKE! Why collect cards that aren't the real thing? Why show off cards that aren't the real thing? They aren't real Jerry's Nuggets. They aren't even a reprint of Jerry's Nuggets. They aren't printed by any playing card printing company. They are a deck of cards recently printed by someone in their basement trying to make a buck off of the hype of real Jerry's Nuggets. So why would you spend $40 on a deck of cards that are complete and utter crap. I really can't believe you guys are finding reasons to justify spending more than a dollar on this deck of cards. If you want to have a deck of cards that just look like Jerry's Nuggets then why not just buy a blank deck and print your own. You will get the same quality as the ones you pay $40 for and the colors will still bleed because there is no finish on the printing, but you will save yourself about $30.

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