What do you think about marked cards?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by olezhkin, Aug 15, 2020.

  1. I would like to know how to mark a deck especially (Bee Standard). What books or videos can you recommend on this topic? How do I mark a map with a single line so that the placemark is visible at a distance?
    Thank you for your attention!
  2. One of the best resources is the book, Hidden in Plain Sight by Charles Kirk.
  3. a lot.. Steve Forte, David Malek, Mike Joseph, and many others.. you would need your own research and a journey through this gambling world probably and something more than a couple sources from forum.. so just a place to began with.
  4. If you want to easily view marks from a distance, and are okay with buying a deck that's marked and ready to go, the best deck on the market right now for that is the DMC Elites.
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  5. My answer is the same as the other similar topic, I believe that designer Cards should have Marks designed into it
  6. I think a combination of adding and removing from the back design gives you the best personalized marking system, but it takes time to come up with and to actually execute. I confess that I’m lazy and no longer do this. The DMC elites are pricey but a great reader deck. Penguin also does a very nice and much cheaper deck available in red and blue. They’re not as legible from a distance and are more blatant but I’ve never had anyone pick up on them when I’ve used them. Whether you make you own or use one with marks designed in you WILL have to practice with reading the marks so you don’t get caught. Once you are proficient with your deck, treat them like they’re not marked and your audience will never have reason to suspect they’re anything but normal.

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