What do you think is the most hard hitting effect?

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  1. Hey Guys,
    I was just wondering if you could post what you think is your most hard hitting effect.

  2. I think the best card effect has to be the "Invisible Deck"
  3. Well the inv. deck, is nice, but I think isnt too hard hitting because you say what youre going to do before doing it. you say: I placed a card face down... its too obvious what is gonna happen! I get better reaction with 5 speed e.g.
  4. Hard hitting effects aren't hard hitting without patter. Although, for now, it would have to be Kostya Kimlat's "Satan's Monte", from his PDF/E-book entitled "Card Work, Card Play". Great closer, I use it whenever I have the chance. I highly recommend it, most of the effects in there are TRUE WORKERS. As in the kind that can easily suit most people with a change in patter, with sleights you'll actually try in the real world.
  5. All based on the presentation. Invisible deck is one of the strongest pieces of magic.
  6. Triumph is the strongest effect. They see cards being mixed up-down and they right themselves. It is impossible, all other card tricks can be attributed to sleight of hand.
  7. And so can Triumph.
  8. And so can Invisible Deck.
  9. Whats wrong with that? Pretty much every mentalist on the planet says they've done something and then later in the show prove it. If this wasn't such a big deal, then guys like Max Maven or any other top Mentalist wouldn't be getting the top paid gigs out there. Sometimes magic doesn't need the element of surprise of to work.
  10. Well, yeah, but only if you present it in that generic way that everyone does. There are ways to present Invisible Deck without telling them that you turned over one card last night while watching Jenna Jameson. Use your imagination (without Jenna).
    And also, even though they know what's coming, it is still an element of surprise when that card hit them in the face!
  11. Effects aren't hard hitting. Performances are. Any effect in the hands of a good magician will be hard hitting. The same effect in the hands of an unskilled, unpracticed or unrehearsed magician will be awful. The effect isn't the magic, you are.
  12. Bingo! Anyone can do a magic trick, but what makes it special is how well you present it. Take Static by David Jade; I recently got this effect and I'm loving it. I've been exploring several applications for it and I'm always finding new ones. I see other people just use the application they give on the DVD, speaking it verbatim, with no emotion. If you've seen Daniel Garcia's effect Vortex on his new DGP Volume 6 DVD, you can do the same effect but better with the Static gimmick. As you dribble the cards, their card FLIES out of the deck and into their hands. It's a lot more free looking and it's been getting quite strong reactions. It has definitely gone into my repertoire. Anyone can do an effect, but your thinking on it and the way you do it can make a huge difference.
  13. Dangit! You beat me to it!
  14. With the invisible deck, I tell them in a dream the night before I saw a card. When I woke up, I did something special with that card and then go into it.

    I performed it like this for a friend and his dad. I was telling him about me seeing a card and his dad cut me off and said "you saw the nine of clubs, didn't you?!" I said, "did I?" He replied with "Ummm I don't know I just named a random card?" as he chuckled. I said "well, judging by your gut instinct, would you guess that I saw the nine of clubs?" He hesitated and replied "Yeah, I think so." "I said I did something special with the card." I pulled out a pack of cards and started to spread through the cards as I said "I actually turned the card I saw face down." and about that time he saw the face down card. I stopped, paused, and looked up at him. He simply said "No freakin' way..." I jogged the card forward a bit and said go ahead, check it out. He pulls it out but kept it face down for a second. He looked at his son. Trevor chuckled and said "Turn it over, turn it over!" When he flipped it and saw the nine of clubs, it was crazy. He jumped back and dropped the card, and man were they loud. It was nuts. I mean seriously it was an awesome reaction.

    I agree, the presentation will make, or break, a trick. But when presented correctly, I would have to say that the Invisible Deck is definitely one of, if not my most powerful, hard hitting effect.
  15. David Roth told me once "Theres no bad tricks just bad magicians" and I stand by every word of that statement.
  16. I disagree with David Roth. In fact, I think that statement is a bit absurd. There are definitely bad tricks. Can you take the sliding finger trick and make it entertaining to a group of intelligent adults? Yes, it's possible. Can you make it magical and astonishing for the same group? No, not at all. If you're after astonishment, the effect itself is just as important as the performance. There's a reason Blaine, Copperfield, etc. aren't doing any old trick off the shelf at the magic shop and just resting on their performance abilities to carry all the weight.

    As a whole, though, I agree with RealityOne in the sense that the effect is not magic in itself. Strong magic is a combination of a great effect coupled with a strong performance.
  17. Though you most likely can't fool an adult audience with the finger trick you can still make it an entertaining experience by doing it as a joke by building it up as something that takes all your might and then just do it. It is fun for everyone and therefore (at least in my eyes) I think it is a magical moment.
  18. I agree with Malibu - any trick can be a good trick, you just have to look at it from different angles. Say breakaway wand. A lot of people may not consider that a super amazing trick but in a kids show - killer. Could also be used for older audiences as a joke and would work.

    Take Powerball 60 for example. It is based off of an old principle and the same thing as a trick I used to own that was simply 6 wooden planks with numbers on them that made the same effect possible. Richard Sanders and Bill Abbott simply redesigned those wooden planks, amped up the effect, and now it is something insanely amazing.

    Just off of the top of my head, the old spiked coin trick is something that isn't super amazing. What if someone decided to redesign that trick. Say they take a brass box with a hole in the top and bottom, a spike, and a signed quarter. The quarter is placed in the box. The spike is driven through and then pulled out and you open it up and show the quarter unharmed. You say you will do it again. Put the quarter in the box the nail goes through. You say you will show them how it works...you open the box and you see that the nail is going through because there is a chinese coin inside with a hole in the middle of it. They just saw the quarter in it! You look at them and say "Ya know, you look as though you have a chip on your shoulder. Well actually more like a quarter." When they look over, the signed quarter is on their shoulder.

    I just thought this up, but I kinda wanted to illustrate how a somewhat cheesy effect could be amped up with some thought.
  19. I only agree if by trick, you mean trick and not magic. Otherwise I completely agree with Mat.
  20. i just put 3 tricks on my routines
    stigmata by WH, ambitious card, and variation of sandwich effect..
    for the opener i play STATIC by david jade..
    so total 4..^^

    thats just my forever favorite^^


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