What do you think of my Christmas order?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by goku, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. Hey guys I have been thinking about making an order for christmas and was wondering what you guys tought. I am ordering it a bit early to beat the postal strike.

    Here is what I think I will get:

    Window by David Stone
    M5 Dvds Vol 1&2
    Tarantula by Yigal Mesika
    Spider Spooler x2
    Michael Ammar Utility Wax
    Art of Magic by Wayne Houchin
    Thread by Wayne Houchin
    Gecko by Jim Rosenbaum
    Double back cards Red/Red
    Double back cards Red/Blue
    Mini deck Red
    Arcane decks Black x3
    Arcane decks White x3

    Well what do you guys think of it?
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    Sounds like you're trying to buy and learn too much at the same time if you ask me. Good variety of props, though. Just work through everything. I'd hate to see you loaded with an M5, Tarantula, Gecko, normal deck, double backed deck, mini deck, and magician's wax at the same time and being able to perform nothing well.
  3. Too many stuffs and sure you buy stuffs because of the trailers
    Do more research and read more reviews
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    Wow I wasn´t aware that a new version of the M5 is now out...THE M6!!!

    and Goku, I think you have a lot of money...I can only buy around 200 for this christmas.... and you are buying around 300-350.
    but it´s better to buy less and be sure you are going to use it than buying a lot that maybe you wont or you will use more than other thing...I mean you won´t want to use the gecko once you use the tarantula, they are great but usually you will go for the easy one. I usually don´t buy anything if I don´t picture myself doing it or If I don´t have an idea for a routine

    besides there´s a economical crisis going on...so I would save money for january when all the payments come
  5. lol! My bad. Edited.
  6. I have done a lot of research from checking out reviews on sites (most were 5 to 1 stars) so I put up threads around the internet, searched forums and have been talking to specific people who have the tricks by pm. Most responses for the tarantula, window and gecko are that they are good if you are willing to put the practice in, and I am.

    Also to respond to vega, the money isnt that much considering I got this in one order as my dads christmas gift, moms christmas gift, dads birthday gift and moms birthday gift. I put birthday gifts with christmas gift as my birthday is on the 16th of december so I would rather just get stufff for christmas. Was that unclear?

    Finally praetoritevong I know that it is a lot of stuff and I am going to tackle one at a time and not go on to the next one until I master the first one. Although you can undestandt if I look at them all on christmas day?
  7. I have started doing payed shows and I only buy magic with money that I get doing magic...I´m an architect too, but the money I get as an architect I use it in other things but not magic...

    I still think is a lot of money and I think is better to have some money for other things like a good sweater or a book (a normal book) or to give presents to friends or family
  8. Window by David Stone
    M5 Dvds Vol 1&2
    Tarantula by Yigal Mesika
    Gecko by Jim Rosenbaum

    window I wouldn't buy unless I have a regular venue becuase it seems impractical
    don't get the m5 you won't use it
    you can do alot more with loops then the tarantulla and their more practical
    I wouldn't get the gecko unless you wear a blazer regularly
  9. I ware a hoodie often so the gecko could be good. Well that is dissapointing that you really dont like anything.

    Oh and vega I see what you mean but after this order (if I get it) I would say I wont be getting magic for a WHILE. Also I buy other stuff with the money I get monthly as I dont bother saving that for magic when a lot goes on shipping. See what I mean?
  10. I think its long and unnecesary.
  11. yeah I pretty much think 99.99% of the stuff on the market is useless. It's just my opinion that's all. I have very strict guidelines for tricks I buy and perform. No offense man that's just the way I see things.
  12. That you are rich. I mean, your parents.
  13. We have so much in common. My parents are still debating about buying me the paper engine.
  14. The bright side is that we valuate a lot more what we get ;)
  15. You got some great stuff man

    Hey man, you got an awesome Xmas coming your way bro.. Don't listen to all the nonsense and stuff you are hearing about it being a waste of $$..

    And for you guys saying all this stuff is just ridiculous.. It sound s like he is jsut a kid..

    ENJOY your XMAS man, it sound slike you are going to have an awesome time..

    Take your time, and learn each thing and maybe it will lead it to you develop something really awesome.. think out of the box and don't always lsiten to what the nay sayers might say..

    Sure something might not be useful for them but for you it might allow you to create miracles..

    you should be extremely excited about all the stuff you are getting for Xmas bro..
  16. This goes beyond buying magic stuff.
    He is hemorraging his parents money on things he shouldnt buy all at once.
    Or some at all. This is about responsibility.Things that a kid should be learning.
    And besides,christmas is about the presents now? Oh wait.Yeah it is.
  17. agreed. no need for so much stuff all at once.

  18. i think the idea of saying hes buying too much at one time is not the case... maybe he only gets to buy things a few times a year and can't be like only spend 200 now parents and when something else i need i will need another 200 dollars.... i agree with the others, your selection is what needs work... i think you need to express to us more of your performing style your age ...how you dress or really more important the type of magic you would like to call your own style... then we can help you to inform you on better material that will fit you as a person... i agree a lot of those things your thinking about, isn't necessary or isn't something your going to use, just really things that look cool and you think will use all the time, and to be honest, it never happens... but if you write back tomm on more concrete stuff that your into, i will definitely explain a better list of strong hitting effects, or even better, books like strong magic to enhance your magic from mere tricks to something people like to be entertained with... hope this helps! :)
  19. tell me about it, some time ago I bought a lot of tricks and then I didn´t know what to do with them since I had no time to perfect them...then I ran out of supplies...

    but all that period helped me to design my own tricks and my own routines and create my own style.

    That period made me the magician I am today
  20. Get it all now and save on shipping. Good thinking.

    Excuse the egos in this thread Goku

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