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  1. Hi Theory11!

    A couple of months ago I made another thread just like this - and I asked for critique. I realized that the way I had filmed the routine was bad - I did not have any audio of me speaking because I thought it would be useless since my patter is in swedish. But, this time I've changed a few things.

    In this video I show another one of my routines that Im working on. I chose to use my script that is in swedish, I believe that hearing anything is better that having a quiet video. Even though I speak swedish you will get the idea and you will know when the beat of the different sequences is.

    At the third phase with the ambitious part, I handle the deck a little awkward. What I usually do is hand the deck out to the spectator - and that was what I was trying to show. My voice sounds like the voice of a youung child and the tone tells even in swedish that Im explaining to someone who clearly doesn't understand. But that is the lack of audio equipments fault. Anyways, I would love to hear what you think of it! Thanks!

    Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DW_sVSACXZk
    Choose high quality.
  2. The sleights themselves are performed relatively smoothly and without real delay, bravo. However, here are a couple of small suggestions:

    Before doing the shuffles, give the deck a couple cuts before inserting the 3 back in. You showed us the king of clubs at the bottom, so showing it AFTER shuffling the deck gives away a little bit of your trick.

    I think that your closer should be a little more powerful. Using just a glide to simulate having the 3 in any place in the deck doesn't seem to cut it, and much of the magic in my opinion is taken away especially if the spectator does not get to turn the cards over him/herself. An easy closer would just to execute french kiss (if you perform to girls).

    However, I do not speak Swedish so mabye I'm missing out on something you might be trying to convey.
  3. det var bra

    det var ju bra,men några delar var vanliga,
    men snyggt i alla fall,bra jobbat

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