What do you think we have lost within magic?

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  1. what thing have we lost , and what minds have we lost with in magic of to day?
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    I've lost my mind because of magic.

    Add one to the count of people.
  3. Hey man. Please make your posts have some type of point. I know you have a problem writing (idk what it is sorry, maybe dyslexic?) But we cant make anything out a one sentence post.. :(
  4. yes you are right i do dyslexic and i am working hard for all to no what i am saying. the thread was about what have we lost with in magic / your mind, a woman , your mom and dad and so on like let say what tricks that we have lost . that no one do now !bec to them it look so old but to the world it new. if we use it wight... or it might be a book. so be happy with some things and wight to and ask me things that you thing i might like with magic bec i might have some that you might not have ... or a new look at some old magic...
  5. Jr? This one is harder to understand than the post you made about the two books.

    Are you trying to say that old tricks that have been lost over the years can still be great if someone brings them back? For example: hidden gems (tricks) that nobody or hardly anyone knows about that are in vintage magic books.
  6. yes you are right
  7. With in the world of to day we do not have teachers, or book or places to go to where we all can have fun and lean good magic tricks .. we need new friends
  8. No you actually have a lot more today than we had even 20 years ago. . . unless you are referring to shows, there are fewer places to catch a big show in that Vegas decided to go with the less expensive street performers and loose most all the stage magic acts thanks to how trends shifted in the late 1990s.


    There's an abundance of teachers/mentors available, especially on line. But, as the old saying goes, "When the student is ready, a teacher will come" . . . when the time is right you will find a teacher or he'll find you that's how it happens.

    I know it may be a challenge to read all the posts but I know for fact that there are some excellent teachers on this forum; young guys that have even enlightened the mind of an old dog like me.


    There's hundreds and thousands of books out there, check out eMentalism.com or Lybrary.com and you'll find an abundance of inexpensive as well as median range books to learn from and on most all topics in some cases.

    There are videos galore, which may prove a bit more practical for someone with an extreme challenge with dyslexia, which seems to be your case. I will point out one thing though; Magic helped me to overcome a lot of dyslexic "habits" in my earlier years. I fare rather well now days but it takes some self-application and time. Just like magic, the more you practice making yourself change things around in your mind rather than relying on the condition, the easier it becomes. That's how I became such a prolific writer, is practice; it's also how my step-son, Shane managed to overcome extreme ADD and Dyslexia by his adult years, he's a regional manager for Walmart now. So think a bit about how you are on the right path to heal yourself and your own life.

    Finding the "fun places" is a challenge in that there are fewer brick & mortar shops around now than there were just a decade ago let alone in my youth. But even then they weren't plentiful and more of a special trip you took every few months or maybe even once a year. Get to where you can go to conventions, join your local IBM or SAM groups so you have a monthly place to meet up with other magicians in your area. If and when you get to adult age, take a trip to Hollywood and visit the Magic Castle (all you need is a membership card to one of the two groups I just mentioned).

    Give it time and you'll find it all or it will find you.
  9. About $5K from my bank account. But I do have lots of pretty books and toys to show for it.
  10. It's a blessing and a curse that I can now see exactly how much I've spent at E.

    I've spent a lot of money - but I don't consider myself having lost it for the most part, other than some dud purchases.

    I think the thing that magic culture has lost is magic. So many performers now just go the route of being a sleight of hand artist. There's no mystery or magic to their performance. This does seem to be changing as more mystical-type performances seem to be becoming popular, but I may just be seeing it through rose tinted glasses since that's what I want to have happen.
  11. I think that some magicians do not that testing part on them as they learn the art it like if you like to a doctor you got to have a lot of tests before you are one I think to day magicians do not test each other or ask each other to work on a topic with in magic that may help them to be good .. and as for classroom leaning the ard it hard because no one help you to go on the right road to make you feel like you done your best ..
  12. Magic and most any performing art form can be a lonely path initially but you are never alone even though you might be isolated. I'm no longer able to do a lot of traveling due to health issues and so I rarely have the chance to get together with a group to cuss & discuss any given topic. But I'm likewise jaded in that I loathe people that seem affixed to card magic and nothing else; there's so much more to this art.


    I've literally bled for this art and torn my body apart moving large scaled magic over the years, working with animals and because I was so focused on the craft I've lost relationships left and right -- show biz in general is not conducive to such things unless you're lucky enough to find a partner that's understanding and supportive. I'll not get into how much money I've lost over the years, we'll just say that a small mountain could be made from it.

    Think about the gains magic can and will deliver to you, including ways to overcome your current deficiencies and language skills. I too see things backwards and even have problems understanding what people say and mean from time to time, but my love for magic is something that has empowered and driven me towards becoming a better me -- a more adaptable me.

    Today's novice has, in many ways, loads more access and interaction available to them than has ever existed. You can find teachers and even mentors if you use the forums and internet to your advantage. I frequently skype with people and help them as well as them helping me. The internet has made it possible for me to do lectures and seminars from the comfort of my own home while reaching hundreds of "fans".

    It all takes time and patience but know that the support is available, you just need to reach out.

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