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  1. In essence this is a what should i buy thread, but allow me to explain the situation first. Over the past few weeks, i have been learning some new moves from various sources, and have been interested in getting andthensome, although i do not have the rest of the trilogy. I was originally interested for the sleights, mainly the goat change and the blind bluff pass. This, and several other incidents, has lead me to believe i have become a little bit of a move monkey, and i am looking to develop more tricks into my arsenal.

    But now, i already have decided i am going to get the Paper Engine by Aaron Fisher. I know i will get some good tricks in there, and i can develop my own with the sleights as well. Consequently, this is what i have started to do, trying to apply all my moves into my own tricks. Anyway, i thought, instead of andthensome, i should buy the tricks DVD from the trilogy. Now i ask you to provide your input on the situation.
  2. I don't own andthensome but I own the tricks part and if you want to learn tricks and sleights that is what andthensome and everything else are good at.
  3. It really depends on what type of magic you do.
    If you're into the flourishy magic that the Bucks do then yes, buy the tricks dvd by all means.
    However, if you prefer less in-your-face magic, then you might want to go with something else. Most of the subtler, but harder hitting effects are in BOOKS - yes, books, not DVDS.
    There are so many books that I can't name them all here.
    You might, though, want to check out your favorite magician and check out if they've written anything.
    For example, I love John Bannon's and Juan Tamariz's magic, so I checked them out and found that they wrote several books:
    Dear Mr. Fantasy
    Smoke and Mirrors

    If you're into gaff card magic, you should check out D+M's stuff.

    Of course, if you haven't already, you probably should go through these first:
    Royal Road to Card Magic
    Card College

    My 10 cents, although this should probably be in the product question category instead.


    PS: Feel free to PM me about any of this.
  4. I have gone through Royal Road to Card Magic and gotten many useful things, but i do not own card college.
  5. I do not own andthensome, Trilogy or Paper Engine but I plan on getting Paper Engine soon. It really depends on the type of magic you perform. I remember Sinful talking about this on another thread. He was saying that he loves watching Dan and Dave's magic as a magician but it doesn't fit his style. I am the same way. I appreciate all they have contributed to the community but can never see myself performing their tricks because they don't fit my style. If flashy look-at-this type tricks are your style, then I think it would be a great choice. They have developed some very unique ideas. If you do more technique type stuff then I think andthensome makes much more sense.
    Again it really just depends on what you think you will actually use when it's all said and done. Hope that helps out a bit.

  6. I am still not sure. At the present moment i am leaning towards andthensome, because i enjoy using teh different sleights i need to know my own tricks. This has only turned into one refined trick at the present time, but i am playing around with ideas for a few others. I thank you all for your input, and wish for others to continue and present their opinions, whatever they may be.
  7. There is no point getting andthensome if you do not own the trilogy.

    Aaron's Book looks promising. i do not own it, but its next on my list.

    However, the tricks DVD from the trilogy is ladden with material. If i were asked to choose between andthensome, Tricks, or The paper engine (Without any bias to the bucks) i'd opt for tricks.

    The sleight used in the tricks dvd is worth its weight in gold, the amount of sleights, variations and generally new stuff is just overwhelming.

    Consequently, if you wished to brush upon classic flourishes, Disc 3 will be your best bet.

    Of course, this is all coming from a biased point of view, as i do not own the paper engine, i cannot vouch for its credibility. However it does look promising, and definitely should be on your list.
  8. I would say go with the Tricks disc of the Trilogy even though i don't use that many of the tricks from there or The Paper Engine or Andthensome. The Tricks dvd is just a very nice thing to watch and learn sleights from. The Paper Engine takes a long time to soak up but worth it in the end. Depends on what you want in the end but you should eventually get both.

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