What Do You Use A Double Backer For?

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  1. Hey I guys I have come across many double backer playing cards when opening decks of cards. What can i use them for?
  2. reversal effects. I'm sure there are other things but thats the only one I know of.
  3. Here
    (word count)
  4. the possiblities are limited only by that of your own imagination:D
  5. Get a double facer and do the Anniversary Waltz. It's one of those effects that leaves them with an impossible souvenir and they will remember it. :)
  6. Fourm searches.
  7. What an epic win of a post :p

    I salute you good sir
  8. Magic trick....

    sorry....couldn't resist :D
  9. the trick that fooled Houdini
  10. Daniel Garcia does a trick called satisfaction guaranteed using a double backer. it's on the Daniel Garcia project vol 2 i believe. It doesn't require too much slight of hand so it's a fairly simple trick to perform.
  11. There are sooooo many effects that utilize a DB. In fact, my rendition of Cannibal Cards (found on this site), may or may not use a DB. Lol.
    Also, with the post just made about the Hyper Card, you should check out Daryl's Hyperbentalation. It uses the Hyper Card technique along with a double backer and double facet to create one of my favorite pieces of magic...
  12. Michael Vincents Brain Wave effect also uses a DB.
  13. card to basically anywhere. wallet box pocket... anywhere. also as mentioned works like a charm for reversals as well
  14. My Favorite use of the DB is a card under box! I have the DB on top and control their card to the bottom and bottom palm or diagonal palm shift. As i spread the cards on the table i ask them to touch one card and see if it is their card. While they are touching the card i load the card under the box! Do the revelation. Then i as them if it is their card. I use the double and do a double turnover with their card on top. Place the double on the table while i pick up the box with the left hand with the deck in it. Load the top card under the box then slide the double in the card deck and have their card jump back under the box!
  15. I don't know what are you say?
  16. You can make it look like both sides of the card have back designs on them.
  17. -__-

    It's called the Marlo tilt.
  18. Vernon originally did it with a double backer.

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