What do you want for Christmas?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Santa, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. Because you know, it's not like we're not totally swamped up North here. In fact, we've got more requests than usual this year due to the poor economy. Mostly from the wall street guys, wanting the big man to bail them out. Not this time suckas! :D

    So...what's on your wish list? And before I get the snide comments, how Santa should already know, let me let you in on a little fact:

    Your parents do the shopping. Santa just brings the little things...ya know, the unwrapped football, the yoyo in the stocking, an official Red Ryder carbine action two-hundred shot range model air rifle...things like that ;)...because really, you think *I* have all the time in the world to make iPods, PS3s, etc? Please...Santa is a little strapped on both cash and time this year. So, let the wishing begin!

    With Love,

    Mrs. and Mr. Clause
  2. gimme evil powers so i can kick someone with my mind
  3. i want a hippo my 2 front teeth 3000 decks of jerrys true astonishments and katie elgeston if you dont have the ltime i will just take katie
  4. I'll play along

    I want:

    A Stainless Steel Card Clip (Masters Engraved)
    Fast Company by Damien Nieman
    Truffle Shuffle by Derek DelGuadio
    Propaganda Deck
    iPod Nano G4 (Blue)
    New Laptop
  5. I would like you to allow me to capture you so I can be known as the one who proved the existence of Santa.

    Is that too much? :)
  6. YAAAAAAAAAAAAY for fast company
  7. i'll capture you and prove the existance of myself
  8. No. Err, on second thought, yes. Because then you would have to face the wrath of Mrs. Claus. And unfortunately for me, it just so happens Christmas coincides with "that time of the month again" when her little friend is visiting.

    And for the record, Santa is fresh out of chocolate. Like seriously, Willy Wonka is drained.
  9. All I want for christmas is......... my 2 front teeth!!!!:p
  10. I would like a water torture cell once I have a professional show, but I heard they're like $10,000, and it would be a pain to fit on your sleigh :D
  11. That's not Christmas, that is heaven
  12. OMFG!!!!1 it's Santa. I knew you existed. Wait....mom?
  13. YOUR NOT REAL!! MY THERAPIST SAYS SO!! i already wrote my letter to the Chanukah monster to eat mel gibson.

    jk, i do believe in you santa
  14. true astonishments series by paul harris, but a 14 year old asian kid can't spend 300 smakeroonies. :(
  15. A little disrespectful don't ya think?

  16. Oh, if you can, give me Dana Hocking's music album too.
  17. How is that in any way disrespecting...
  18. I'm jewish...
  19. That's ok, santa's hat is just like a really long yamaka anyhow. (lol I know it's a joke)
  20. i want Guardians with J.B's face on it and a theory 11 shirt signed by the artists

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