What does "Most magicians should have this in their drawer somewhere" mean?

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  1. Every once in a while an ad mentions that "this trick requires a gimmick that most magicians already own". I've heard it said about a variety of different pieces of magic apparatus. So I thought we could make a list. What are the must-have pieces of magic apparatus that we could reasonably state that 50% or more magicians out there own.

    I'll start the list with:
    -A thumb tip
    -A Svengali Deck
    -A Stripper Deck

    What are other must have magic items?
  2. Maybe some gaff cards like double backs
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  3. invisible thread
    a couple of kids magic tricks
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  4. Neodymium
    Double stick tape and other adhesives
    Blank - one sided / double sided
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  5. In addition to whats already been said....Glue sticks, exacto knives...cutting matt?
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  6. A brick of cards to cut bend and experiment with, maybe a second brick, or if your like me and addicted to cards maybe a third.
    A sharpie
    Extra empty card boxes
    Some spare change is good to carry around at all times
  7. Aaaaaaaand...

    I have none.

    #howtofeelexcluded101 (T_T)

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