What DVD's for cardistry like Andrei?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MagicLemonBird, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. I'm really interested in cardistry. Dan and Dave's flourishing doesn't interest me, but andrei's does so I was wondering what dvd's are great for what he knows right now.
  2. I heard that theory11 is working with Andrei for the dvd in the neartime future. If you want style like this, then get Handlordz dvd or Encyclopedia from Jerry Cestowski.
  3. Pho Sho, andrei's DVD should be off the hinges . he's good because he came up in the HL style which requires you to practice uncut routines. i recommend just trying to learn the basics really well and you can make up your own concepts and won't feel limited to starting everything in zgrip :)
  4. They both look similar to me. If it showed just hands I couldn't tell them apart.
  5. theres no dvd out yet, but to me Andrei's style seems like a mix of HL and cardistry style flourishing, so all I can suggest is learn a bit of both styles and just start making stuff you think that looks Andreish.
  6. General Discussion.....

    Yep, I'm gonna do this to all your threads until you learn :p
  7. Yeah there is a whole part of the forum dedicated to XCM use it.
  8. Andrei definitely has a more XCM style, so look up Jerry Cestkowski's The Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes, XB 1 & 2, Cradle to Grave, etc.

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