What DVDs teach this? Producing cards.

May 4, 2009
Right now I'm working with the Extreme Beginners DVDs. My favorites moves are the ones in the special moves section of chapter two. My most favorite is the one I think they call it "hot shot." It's a reveal where the card shoots out of the deck spinning and lands in your other hand. I've seen Criss Angel do this move and apparently David Blaine and a lot of others do it also.

What I'd like to start working on next is what I think is called producing cards or card productions. Basically the stuff Angela Funovits is doing in this video.


I know there is a set of three 1-on-1 by Dan Sperry that teach this. However, this isn't the kind of video I would want to watch on my computer screen. With the extreme beginners DVDs I pop one in and I'll watch one part over and over, while sitting on my couch practicing. I don't want to be stuck in front of the computer.

If theory11 released the Dan Sperry videos on a DVD I would buy that in a second. However, in the meantime, what DVDs are out there that teach these moves?

Jan 8, 2009
Yes, he does. I've bought that DVD the second it came out. Unfortunately the cars need a small setup and you can only use Opel and Ford :(

ah that's too bad.. :(

ok back to topic, if you were seeking for card manipulation DVDs, just check out Dan Sperry's Card Manipulation 101. :D
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