What flourish makes you feel like a badass?

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Pezza, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. It's a kind of melodramatic title but I'm sure you all know what I mean. I think everyone has a flourish that when they do absolutely perfectly they just think "hell yeah, I rule :p"

    For me it's when I do a perfect molecule 2 one card production from the trilogy. When you get the perfect flip and the card sticks out not too far but just far enough, and the flipped packet makes that beautiful "smack" sound as it hits the other one and lands perfectly squared.

    It might be when you do a hot shot cut and the card spins just right, or a perfectly even le paul spread, or you do the perfect tornado cut and you just think "hmm I could do this for hours :p"

    Post your favourite!
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    I'm not much of a flourisher at all, but when I do Jonas Haglund's Xtended( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzcAGU6UyDk ) people are like holy ****.


    And I'm not looking for a tutorial, but can someone post a link to a video with a tornado spin? I have never seen one >_>..

  3. the 2 flourishes i love to do that make my friends and magican buddys at IBM impressed i can do are de'vo's heaven display and sybilism
  4. I absolutely love my le paul spread.

    It just comes out like butter.
  5. Butter comes out? Like the dairy product? A big brick of it, tastes kind of salty?

    Also, butter doesn't fan. :p
  6. probably le'paul s spread or a armspread turn over and catch as it took me so long to get it every time.
  7. My Thumb Fan is so freakin' even and big with 54 cards.. damn! : D

    But I spend like forever perfecting it. ^^
  8. Leno, Off the Hook, the opening of Mecka. I can't decide.
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    i turn to my left and do a hotshot cut then the card spin from all the way clockwise and got caught with the same hand on my back that is the moment i just cant stop myself cracking up a big smile on my face... aya you know it !!.
  10. Molecule 2 one card production and Just the normal sybil is making me feel cool at school for the moment :)
  11. Under Pressure really gets people attention. Almost anything from the Trilogy but my favourite is Pandora
  12. under pressure and the lepaul spread are definately eye catchers for me.
  13. Charlier makes me feel badass.
  14. I havnt a clue, sir. :< I'm just trying to say its sexy. Lol, well, I think it is.
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    I guess that means; butter is sexy? - No comment, lol.

    On a more serious note; none of the flourishes I perform make me feel 'proud' or 'better' than anyone else. Yet, I usually feel good when I perform the "old" Pandora, it just feels great to do- the packets are made to come apart and together so smoothly, it's brilliant.

    Great cut!

  16. Overhead spring, watchspin, behind-the-back deck toss, one-handed riffle shuffle.
  17. Definately the "very long spring" (cause I sucked at it for soooo long) and pressure fans..there's nothing like that feeling of squeezing out that perfect fan and last and definately not least........the cobra cut!! (also because it took me soooooooo long to nail that packet catch without dropping).
  18. Flash Drei and double one-handed fans. Noice.

  19. hot shot cut....
    Oh, andI can't help but smile when people see my birdie fan.
  20. VERTIGO! everyones like HOLY S#%*! i always smile and under pressure and arm spread turn over and catch, but nothing beats vertigo for me. Hacky vertigo only though.

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